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Kindness Of An Stranger

This afternoon coming back from seeing my mom; reading stories to her and a few scary moments that looked like this was it, I was driving home. I took the route that was more like a canyon Drive with beautiful sceneries to think and process my feelings. All of a sudden I heard a pop. I knew right away what had happened - a big flat tire! I pulled to the side, but this was a canyon drive with not much shoulder space, and it happened to be around a curve that people couldn't see me. That made it dangerous. Cars were speeding up unconsciously passing me. I couldn't get out. Within minutes, I saw a van stopped at a distance behind me. The gentleman walked out, wearing a mask offering help, and I dared to walk out of the car very carefully. It was so narrow. He moved my ... Read Full Story >>

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I just got back after attending a seminar with other fellow educators in the field of Peace Studies. Since my hotel was a bit far from the university, I had to take a Lyft ride everyday, to and fro. One day, I overheard a conversation behind me that one of the participants could not download the Lyft app, and hence she was having a hard time commuting to and fro. I then offered her to ride with me. On a few occasions, when she was headed to a different destination than mine, I had called on the Lyft just for her. I was secretly planing on "Giftivism", of course! :) At the end of the trip, she insisted that I give her a total dollar amount for the ride share and other trips I arranged only for her. I explained to her that I was having a great time, because I did not ... Read Full Story >>

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