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A little encouragement can mean the world!

A few days ago I was at the gym and a soldier was running a timed physical fitness test. He had lapped me once when I decided to catch up to him and just quitely push myself for the last few minutes of my jog. It was just at that moment that he let out an exhausted sigh...a resignation to stop trying SO hard if you will. It was at that moment that I said to him, "Come on...let's go. Don't quit now. I'll run right behind you and we'll do it together." He was so shocked but managed to say, "You don't know how much I needed that. I was going to quit." So as we both ran the track together he introduced himself and wanted to know my "time". Well, sadly enough, I am just beginning to get back into shape and simply said that I didn't keep ... Read Full Story >>

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