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Community Bonds

I am incredibly blessed because I live in a major city and have been living on a block that has had an active yahoo group for over 10 years. Unlike most people here we have created a very local community just on our block. We've organized soup nights, block parties, community gardening projects, food deliveries for convalescing neighbors and connected in other ways. During the shelter-in-place times, we checked in with each other often. We offered to shop for the older neighbors and brought food to a neighbor who seemed to have a mild case of the virus (finally recovered, tg). We have held a Happy Hour Dance Party in Place Friday evenings, which has been lovely! And of course, making ubiquitous sourdough starter and sharing that. I made sourdough banana bread with peanut butter chips and chocolate which was out of this world. Other neighbors organized "stuffed animal hunts" for families on walks, where they ... Read Full Story >>

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