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Simplest Act of Courtesy and Kindness

While filling the first of the three five-gallon water containers at a local grocery store this evening, an elderly woman rolled her cart up behind mine, with a smaller two-gallon container and stood patiently waiting.

After my first container filled up, I placed it in my cart and, without saying a word, took hers and began filling it for her. After hers was filled I returned it to her cart and she held out a dollar bill for me. I looked at her, smiled gently, and politely declined her offer of payment. She thanked me and went on her way.

This certainly doesn't qualify as a grand noble act. It was more the type of gesture that once would have been considered a common courtesy. My point is that the magnitude of the kindness is not what's important, it's the kindness itself.

It always feels good to do good, and the ripple effect is far-reaching. :)

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