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The Divine at Work

Sitting in my Outlook inbox was an updated LinkedIn profile of Bogdan, who now lives in Bolivia. I sent him a message today as part of the Day 2 kindness challenge.  We stay in touch only a couple of times a year nowadays, but for a few years we were like brothers- still are really. The story that connects Bogdan and me is what I would like to share. It reminds me that I should send a Day 2 challenge greeting to Marcello, who now lives in Prague.  Here is what happened: In September 2011 I traveled by train to Stockholm. I was visiting 2 friends who were to meet me at the train station. I stood there waiting for my first friend to arrive and in the midst of all the hurrying commuters that Friday afternoon, I heard a faint voice, it sounded like a question. I turned and saw a young ... Read Full Story >>

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Recycling Generosity

I don't usually have access to a car, but today I did and so I helped my neighbor take items to the recycling center,a It was then that the inspiration came to me for meeting the daily kindness challenge. There are usually at least 4 men or women wearing those neon yellow uniforms giving directions for sorting the recycling and yard debris. It may be one of those jobs that is about as far away from glamorous as you can get. Anyway my inspiration was to buy a festive basket as a present and return later. I decided on a basket of gourmet chocolates with a Christmas theme and wrote on the card "Merry Christmas! Thanks for all you do here at the recycling center My life sure feels a bit lighter every time I pass through!" It was closing time and no one was around in the little house they use as an office / ... Read Full Story >>

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