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Comforting With Flowers

A freshmen on my bus was crying. Now, as a senior I thought it was my duty to end her tears, and it just happened to be my birthday. I proceeded to pick up the flowers that my lovely boyfriend gave me, and handed them to her saying, "I don't care if some teenage boy doesn't love you. We [entire bus] love you!" Needless to say, the tears were gone.

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Anonymous Note Sticker

As a high school student I didn't think there was much I could do. But upon dropping a sticky note in the hallway with an inspirational quote on it, it hit me.

Throughout my junior and beginning of my senior year, I wrote inspirational and motivational notes and put them up all over the school with the name "Ell", because that's how you pronounce the first letter of my name.

People loved it and were going crazy to find out who it was! I remained anonymous and continued to do it. They love it and I love making them smile.

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