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​What I Learned From My 60 Deliberate Acts In 60 Days Kindness Birthday Challenge

For my 60th birthday, I challenged myself to do 60 very deliberate acts of kindness for 60 consecutive days and write about my experiences each day. Now I am no stranger to going out and doing things, but this is the first time I have ever been focused and paid attention to 'Kindness Acts' to the degree that was required in coming up with what I was going to do each day, preparing for it when I needed to, and then writing about it for 60 days Here is what I want to share. In my experience, there is no such thing as a 'kindness act' There is no separate 'act' that can be called Kindness. I believe our true nature IS kindness and that when we are not acting out of fear( which is what manifests as self interest, greed, material competition, and not- enoughness) we act out of love. In ... Read Full Story >>

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60 Day Challenge for 60th Birthday Gift!

Along the lines of celebrating my 60th birthday with a 60 day kindness challenge, I got the greatest birthday surprise from my daughters. When they asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said, "please do a kindness act for someone in my honor" They took it WAYYYYY farther. They contacted all my friends and family members and asked them to do the same thing I had asked of them, as my birthday present. Then they asked them to write to them after they had done their 'act' and tell them what they had done. They also asked their friends to do the same. On my birthday, I was presented with a gorgeous scrapbook filled with pictures and all the kindness acts written out in their own words, telling me what they had done and how it made them feel. The 'acts' ran the gamut from donating frequent flyer miles so someone ... Read Full Story >>

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