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Being the $20 Angel in Disguise

I happen to be in Santa Barbara, California yesterday and was walking through town to take photos from the top of the bell tower in the courthouse. It was then that I came across an elderly, homeless woman. I could tell from the look on her face that she was not mentally stable. Seeing that this was the case, I quickly gave her $20. Usually, I will not give money to the homeless because it may be used on alcohol or drugs. However, in this case, I could see the difference and chose to do the kind thing.

When I gave her the money, the look of gratitude on her face was radiant. The $20 was nothing to me, but it was the world to her. Being observant on my part made all the difference for her. I have chosen not to believe in survival of the fittest, but rather in providing assistance for the least of these. There, but for the grace of God, go I. You never know when you will need an angel in disguise.

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A Gift of a Denny's Meal for a Struggling Family

Occasionally, I will go to eat dinner at Denny's, but I had never gone on a Thursday night before, nor had I ever observed the people in the restaurant before. There was a mother with her twenty-something disabled daughter who appeared to have been brain injured in an accident. I could see that they had nothing and eating at Denny's was a big night on the town for them. As I watched the girl, I could see that she was functioning at about the four year age level. Nothing was going to change for them; it would appear that they would both be frozen in time for the rest of their lives. I grew up poor and now have a sufficient amount of money; so, I went back to the kitchen area, caught the waiter, and told him to charge their meal to me. Surely, this is the least I can do ... Read Full Story >>

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Inspiring the Store Clerk to Donate

On Saturday, my wife went to an after Christmas sale and purchased $75 of stuffed toys for foster children that she will set aside for next Christmas. The cashier asked what she was doing with all of these toys. When my wife told her, she came around the counter, gave my wife a big hug and said that she would start doing the same thing for foster children. She said that my wife had reminded her what she was supposed to be doing.

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