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A Cup Of Goodness

Today, one of our community members shared a story about hot chocolate… and it prompted an idea in my mind…. Since it so very cold here and the folks I am working with are working so very hard, I sent a note to our executive team and asked them to consider greeting folks in the lobby with a cup of hot chocolate and/or cup of coffee one morning. I told them that I wasn’t sure if the company had the funds for that but if not I was personally willing to chip in and help fund it and was hopeful the team would support me in it. To my surprise, they thought it was a GREAT idea and we will be surprising our employees with a warm cup of goodness one morning next week!!!!! I am grateful for this community and for seeing and hearing shares that spark additional ideas and ... Read Full Story >>

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Some Problems Can Wait

While I am in the midst of a year end crisis at work, a friend sends me a note about a potential opportunity she has and she wanted to know if I had time to chat. The first thought that popped into my head was "HECK NO... I am drowning in a major crisis!" I think I might have even put my face right into my palms. Somewhere while I was sitting there taking deep breaths and thinking "now what", a little voice inside me was saying, "do the kind thing and call her." So, I set aside my issue, got a fresh glass of water and called my friend. She was so glad to talk through the opportunity that she was facing. She knew what to do but  she just needed someone to listen. What I discovered was that I needed some grounding and this connection with my friend did just ... Read Full Story >>

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Sticky Note Reminder to Renew License Plates

An act of kindness came my way yesterday and I am so very appreciative! A nice security guard left a little sticky note on my windshield to let me know that my license plates had expired and that I needed to renew them. I was able to do so right away and without that act of kindness on his (or her) part, I would have been driving around for who knows how long with expired license plates. So grateful! ... Read Full Story >>

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Small and Simple Kindness

Kindness, I am learning, takes all shapes and forms and really can start as something very, very small. Each time kindness is shared, it is a seed and that seed will hopefully keep growing much after the act of kindness.
Yesterday we recieved the gift of some snow. When I left work for the day, I happily cleaned off my car (I really love the snow) and after doing so, I cleaned off the car next to me. A simple little act that took less than 5 minutes. My hope and wish is that it put a smile on the face and warmth in the heart of the driver and that in turn spread through their family when they arrived home!

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