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Helping Our Abandoned Animal Friends

My nieghbour abandoned his home over one month ago and left 3 beautiful cats locked in his hame to starve. I knew he had left for good, and had left his animals behind as I saw the cats in the window. I called every agency but in this small town there are very few, the only thing we have is a dog catcher, and he wouldn't come as it was a private home, he said he could do nothing about it. I could not accept that, so I went and opened the window wide enough for the cats to get out. My daughter and I fed them everyday, we posted posters all over town in the hope of finding them a home. I also bought ad time on a local radio station and sent out ads looking for people to adopt them. Because they were older, no one wanted them, ... Read Full Story >>

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When being asked, how will you use these cards?

I find homes for abandoned animals, I find them, put ad's in the paper, radio, posters, when I find one a home, I will pass out the card. I carry seniors groceries, transport women at shelters to appts. and court, I take in children till mothers an afford childcare from 1st or 2nd pay. I groceru shop for seniors.

Anything that I see where I can be of serivce, I try to help, the pay off? I FEEL GREAT!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"!

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