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A Helping Hand...and Heart

I serve on the committee at church that provides meals when a family or individual is going through grief, or
caring for someone sick, or whatever the circumstance. I had the opportunity to prepare a meal for a man whose wife was in the hospital recovering from surgery. I made the meal and delivered it to the church where he could stop by on his way home from work and pick it up and have a hot home cooked meal before visiting his wife at the hospital. This was completely anonymous as all the man knew was that a meal would be ready for him at the church to pick up.

It gave me such comfort knowing I could help someone who was going through a difficult time, or just to make things a little easier for someone else.

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Two Cable Guys

This morning as I was returning home from taking my daughter to school, I noticed two cable trucks parked on a neighborhood street and two men were working so hard on a electrical box, sweating profusely (it's 100 degrees even at 8:40 in the morning). I was only a block away from home, so I stopped in and grabbed some cold water bottles and drove it over to them.

It is amazing how little deeds can really make a difference. These men at first looked at me as if I wanted something in return (funny how our society is conditioned to expect this)but after I handed them the bottles and told them to be sure to stay hydrated, they smiled so big and thanked me and said, "You are so kind, thank you so much, have a great day!"

It is not often that you receive comments like this every day. All it takes is small random acts of kindness and what you get in return makes you feel so good. A lot better than grumbling and rushing around all the time!

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"Stopping and Smelling the Roses"

Since exploring your site and also offering my assistance to two local non-profit organizations, my eyes have really been opened. Usually I go about my business worrying and hurrying to get somewhere on time. Lately, I have been taking the time to "stop and smell the roses," thinking about others and what I can do to help others, rather than just myself.

My neighbor who is in remission from breast cancer and is home alone while her husband is travelling, I am bringing her over a meal to eat while she is adjusting to new medication which makes her feel tired and nauseaus. I also offered to drive her to her doctor appt.

When a school mom or friend is expecting, I like to make a meal and bring it to them after the baby is born, or watch the other children so they can spend some alone time with the newborn baby or take a nap. The best gift of all is not a new blanket or onesie, but the gift of a homemade meal or allowing them time to sleep.

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