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Helping A Mom Get To Her Destination.

This PM while I was waiting for the Pre-K parents to come visit the Kindergarten classes a young mother came into the school office. She took the bus but got off at the wrong stop and the school building - she needed to go to  Head Start, about two miles away. She was carrying a baby and she had a 3 year old with her too. She was asking for directions on how to get to the other place on foot, Today was a cold blustery day and I could not see her walking that far with her children. The afternoon parents were not showing up and it was already well past the time they needed to be there, so I told this mom I would give her a ride. My colleague who was helping me during the afternoon session, volunteered to take this mom herself in case parents would still show ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Flowering

'Hi , Kind Friends, It has been an amazing day. I bought 'coffee for a dear friend and then too for the person behind us.
The lady first said: "Oh no you do not have to."" I am in a kind mood, It's a pass it forward thing," I said to her.

Then she said Thank You!! And shares that she just today moved into our neighborhood and must be a good sign. I said "Yes, it is;welcome to the neighborhood."

While waiting for her coffee and my stuff too. she was just chatting and beaming. It was a great feeling and my friend was also very happy.

Then I was gifted with lots of flower kindness. I have this friend who planted a prairie but all around the home she also has tons of flowers. Every year she invites her friends to cut all the flowers we want. So, I am not shy about cutting beautiful flowers and You see the big bucket of goodies I came home with. Thank you Connie Flower Goddess.

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Kindness among friends

Good Day KS friends. Yesterday we visited Ken and Mary, Greg's uncle and Aunt. They were wonderful hosts. Mary has a rare neurological disorder called Muscular Systems Athropy. It shares some similarities with Parkinson's but is more insidious and problematic. There is no cure for it.

Today, we have been close to town. Went to COTSCO and got a lot of things that Ana can use. Just a way to help her save a bit of her money. She should be good with some paper products and some food for a while. We gave some energy bars to a homeless person. I also cleaned her blinds and helped her hang some art. Tonight Ana will be playing at a coffee shop so we will be attending this, I am very excited. Tomorrow we will go to Mt. Baker in the North Cascades. We are going with our friends Shawn and Martha.

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Just Finished Making Some ...

Just finished making some cards that I want to put in a small bag and leave them on a park bench or library shelf for someone to find.

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From another KindSpring friend

I got home from work and a surprise package from a dear and most generous KS friend came in the mail. My heart leaped with joy to see the most beautiful origami Peace Doves that we know are spreading joy all over the continents; a couple of lovely friendship brace lates, one which is for my friend Cathy, Billy Fingers, NDE book which will continue its shared reads travels when I am done reading it. A couple of Smile cards which I will gift to others to continue passing the kind acts. And a very lovely card with a beautiful message. Thank you so much dear Mindy for all the kindness you gifted me with today.

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Putting My Blue Mood Aside For Kindness

I am sad, election blues. This too shall pass, eventually. I know we need to keep kindness at the forefront now more so than ever.
Yesterday - I went to ALDI and as I was leaving an elderly woman was struggling with her cart. I rushed to my car to put my purchases away and I returned to help this lady get to her car. She said she was 97 years old and her son was out of town and he is the one who helps her. She was very thankful for the assist. Of all that took place yesterday, my time with this elderly woman was the best time. 

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Save The Pants!

Yesterday when I was at one of my schools a parent that just enrolled her child in PreK was looking for a uniform for her daughter. The school nurse has uniform donations she can distribute. As she was looking for the right size of pants she pulls out a pair of pants and she notices it is missing a button. Without hesitation, she throws the pants In garbage. I did not see anything wrong with the pants and I could not contain myself. I reached into the garbage and pulled the pants out. I examined the pants and they were in good shape except for the button that was missing and the button hole was unraveled. I told the nurse I would fix the button part and I would return the pants in the school mail. The pants still have good service in front of them. I must say that I surprised ... Read Full Story >>

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Good coffee, but even better smiles!

Yesterday I bought extra cups of coffee and gave them away to people entering my office space. I did not know them, one person has offices in the same space and two came for a training.

They all were surprised and taken aback. They all were gracious accepting the coffee and one later came to my desk to thank me again and to say she really needed the fresh coffee that morning. The smiles were fabulous. I now know where that office colleague's desk is and what her job is. I had fun.

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Our wishes for a dear one

We (girlfriend and I), took dear person to his month long treatment place. It was both a happy and sad experience. I made a care pouch for this dear one: one rose quartz crystal for its healing significance (emotions) and an amethyst crystal ( sobriety). and some words and -wishes for him: "Forever stay open, curious, fearless, transparent and willing to be and love being exactly who you are." (Don't know who said this).  And my wish to him: Leave pride at the door and your ego as well. A humble heart is the one that learns and repairs. Remember the stairs you built? You were an excellent observer and you "noticed" the mistakes. The next steps you built were more to your satisfaction. So here you are and another opportunity for self discovery. Proceed with an adventurer's heart. RESTORE your "home" that has seen disrepair for many years. This is your project: ... Read Full Story >>

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Contributing Towards MN Needs

As many of you know, Minnesota, my home state, is under tremendous challenges. A  police officer murdered an unarmed and not resisting Black man. If you have seen the video you can see that this act was a murderous act. Minneapolis, it’s twin city of St. Paul and other communities across the state (also affecting other states) are experiencing  violence by rioters that have infiltrated groups of peaceful protesters. There is not much I can contribute right now so I have felt pretty helpless just watching the news and hearing from distressed friends that live close to the epicenter of the violence. Yesterday I found a way to help just a bit. There are food needs so I put together two bags of non perishable food to donate today. Many individuals and families have been have been doubly impacted by Covid19 and now the consequences of this brutal murder. Please keep MN ... Read Full Story >>

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Recovery Rock

There is a young man that last week graduated from his alcohol dependency treatment. This is his first week at the halfway house which is located in our city. We told him we would like to continue contact with him and support his recovery. I made this rock for him. We plan to visit next week.

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Trust For The Best.

I went to get my driver’s license renewed.

A young man came in wanting to get his license reinstated.
He couldn’t. Apparently he had outstanding child support. The clerk told him to first apply for an ID.

The man whom I assumed was out now from jail or corrections and trying to be back in the community became overwhelmed by the unexpected fee he had to pay to get the ID.

He was about to leave the office all together but decided to fill out the application. I went to the clerk and asked her about the fee. She told me; I paid for it and left.

A fleeting thought came in “You are helping a deadbeat dad”, but I quickly reframed to “He just needs some support to get himself back on track.” And had to let go of the outcome. I also got in touch with my gratitude for what  I have, my health and my family.

So I wanted the same for this person.

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