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Amidst hurt kindness shone through

While I feel so saddened by the world and the mean-spirited people my husband and my son especially have had to deal with this week, I still believe in being kind to everyone. The little kindness I did for the elderly lady at the grocery store, and the assistance I gave someone else at the local yarn store, are moments that make my days better. Making cookies for a neighbor who got laid off was a small gesture that made him smile. 

Sometimes I would prefer to give back the meanness I get from some people, but have learned that just makes it worse. The hard part is not lashing out at those who hurt my family. That has happened too often this week to my son in particular.

Nothing to be gain by striking back, but still it saddens my heart and life at time can be wear your spirit down.

Tomorrow is another day. And another chance to make some one smile

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A Simple Favor

Today, I mowed my neighbor's front yard. He is working 3 part-time jobs and taking care of 2 young kids because his wife is away for a business trip this week. He seemed a little overwhelmed the last time that we talked, so I thought I this was the least I could do to support him. 

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Kindness Over Negativity

I was work on the phone all morning. That can be an very arduous task. I had several opportunities to choose kindness over negativity. This technological age we live in can complicate our lives. Recognizing that it is the technology not the individuals I am dealing with made things go smoother. 

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Sharing Time

A neighbor last month was diagnosed with skin cancer. She has just returned this past week from surgery (out of town). So I went over and sat and talked to her. We spent time together. I believe time is the best gift I give to people. She was very happy because some of her next door neighbors and good friend have avoided her since the diagnose I believe they are scared and do not know how to react.

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