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Warm Heart Warm Hands for the Winter

With the winter weather kicking in the homeless are having a tough time. I see them every day sitting on cardboard with a sleeping bag and or dog to keep them warm. Usually, I buy them a hot drink or hot food, hoping that will help warm them. 

This year I prepared some small packages as well. Each has a pair of gloves, because I see many with bare hands in such cold weather. I also included the small hand warmers you get in the 99 cent stores. Then I add snacks, hygiene products and for those with a dog, some dried dog food.

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Secret Garden Elf Helping a Neighbor out

When trimming our hedge, I noticed that our neighbor had still not cut his half back. He often works away from home and is not all that interested in gardening.

The snow could come any time now and would split the hedge if it is heavy. Rather than being annoyed I decided to go round to his side and trim it as well (the houses have a connected path along the back) . I put the trimmings into his compost bin together with the leaves that were smothering his lawn.

Hope he is happy with this rather than annoyed that I did stuff in his garden without his permission ;-)

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