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Actions of Love

I have done quite a few acts of love, but I struggle to share them. First because I don't want my ego to take credit for it, and second, English is my second language and I am very aware of my inability to express myself correctly most of the time.
I suffer from chronic back pain due to a bone disease that makes sitting in front of the computer very difficult, but I will try to do this more often.
Last week, I lent my mountain cabin to a young couple to celebrate their anniversary, it was a huge step for me because that place is my sacred land, where I go for peace and quiet. I never had done that before.
At the same time, I took care of my four-month old first grandson so my son and his wife could take a trip away to celebrate.
Those are the things I like to do, to provide others with things that can make their life happier and fuller.

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