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Love Letters Around Town

A few months ago I watched a KarmaTube video about a mother who takes her children out in their community. They joyfully run around and distribute love notes in different neighborhoods. Loved the video!

About an hour later I had to go out and I left my car parked in a parking lot. When I returned there was a note that said "I love you!" on my windshield. It was written in red crayon by a young child. I just couldn't believe the coincidence. I am a teacher for grades one and two, so I thought of a way to pay it forward.

My class watched the love letter video and then made wonderful notes. The children scurried around the school hiding their love notes. They were so joyful. I still find these notes throughout our school and it brings a smile to my face. Our next job is to send love letters to the world! Love you xo

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Crazy Sock Day To Pay it Forward

In our community, we are very blessed to have an organization called Food for Friends. They help provide funds for us to have a snack program for all the children in the school and lunch for those who need it. As a teacher, I can't tell you how grateful I am that our children are nourished so that they can concentrate on learning and not their hungry tummies.   The children are raising money for the organization as well right now. I think this is so important for them to learn to be appreciative for what they have. The children paid a dollar to enter a crazy sock competition. It was such a joyful and fun assembly. On Monday, we have to live free of something. I have stacked all of the chairs in the classroom, and we watched some videos from Save the Children to compare our room to other impoverished schools ... Read Full Story >>

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Welcoming a New Teacher with Kindness

Today we had a new teacher join us. Sadly, the previous teacher has left on a mental health leave. As a seasoned teacher(I like that better than old), I forget how scared new beginnings can be.

This morning I left a flower, stickers for the kids and a small note saying "Stay calm and have a great first day" on her desk. Throughout the day I checked in on her and offered to help her any way I can (Of course she had a tech question and I had not idea what to do..but I knew people who did).

It is a lovely feeling to mentor someone and share some wisdom. Looking forward to helping this new teacher in any way I can!

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Apologizing With Kindness

A few weeks ago one of you wonderful people posted an idea for anti- bullying. I took that suggestion and used it in my classroom today.

The little person who is holding the heart had laughed at one of our developmental students who had been crying. So this little guy made a heart using the letters of the other child's name for a positive message.

On the back he drew a picture of him playing kindly with the sad child. Then he went down and gave the heart to the wronged child. I was so happy that he took ownership by apologizing very sweetly. As an added bonus we had done a meditation early in the morning about compassion and sending love to others. Best lesson I taught today! As always thanks for inspiring me! XO

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Inspiration Around the Corner

There is always inspiration just around the corner! A little girl in my class has been away all week, so the kids made her a book of things she loves to cheer her up (lots of dinosaurs). I put together a little care package for her.

When I went at lunch today to drop off our parcel, I had to go down the stairs to a basement apartment. When I got there, this beautiful message was chalked on the wall beside the door. It was made by the little girl's mom. It makesme want to have an inspiring message by my door because I sure walked away with a big smile on my face after seeing it!

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Compliments With a Compassionate Twist

I enjoy watching the video from the compliment guys with their positive and thoughtful dispositions! Personally I am careful however about complimenting only how people look . I have a little girl in my class who always tells me I am beautiful. Which I am not! It is an automatic kind if thing she is doing. I try to tell her it is how I act towards her that is really important. I really try to get the children to accept and honor the differences in themselves and others. Throughout the year I make a big outline of each of their bodies. We give compliments like you are compassionate, thoughtful, hilarious, artistic, fun loving etc. we cover the whole area of these bodies with words.  I hope the picture hangs in each child's bedroom and fills their soul.. No matter what they hear anywhere else. The kids then make a book for ... Read Full Story >>

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The Karma Effect

Some of you know about my marvelous Mom who had a stroke seven years ago. She is unable to walk, talk or move her left hand. But she is an absolute inspiration. Every Tuesday night we go out together. I take her to a mall and out for dinner (she loves a glass of pinot grigio). Anyway tonight was a bit miserable due to a big snowstorm. So we just stayed in town. Off we went to Wal Mart and as we were in line I noticed a fairly disheveled man a bit ahead of us in line. He was looking at us as people often do when someone is in a wheelchair. I gave him a big smile and started to chat with my Mom. A minute later he came up to us and gave my Mom these two lady bugs. He paints them and gives them to people. He said when you "See a ... Read Full Story >>

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Pup helped home safely by stranger

I was driving home today and saw a dog wandering on a busy street. I worriedly drove by and then had to turn around. I put him in the car and went to the nearest subdivision . As luck would have it he belonged the first house I went to! Good job or I might have driven home with him!

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The Joys of Winter

THE JOYS OF WINTER...for all you folk down under the Equator! SO ..I am not really a big fan of winter but after reading one of the posts from our KS Tribe, I decided to work on my perception. This member talked about enjoying the act of shoveling the snow because it reminded her of a beloved family member (Grandma I think) and was good for her physical well being too.

In a continued effort to shower kindness on my husband I was taking out the garbage after my early morning workout. I looked at his frost and snow covered car. So I decided to warm it up for him and scrape it off. Funnily enough when I was in the car the radio was on ..the hosts were talking about how to get frost off a vehicle as quick as possible..Thanks universe...Got to do a kind act and not be in the cold for so long ;)

It was love-ly to get a big smile and kiss as a reward for that act of kindness..You give you receive! The picture below is from a great children's book called "Stranger in the Woods!" Hope you have a toast warm day! XO

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Foodbank "loonies"

PHEW! Well it was a busy week and didn't have much time to be with my Kindness Kin...sure missed you guys! This weekend we are celebrating my daughter's 26th birthday ...I am so grateful for the day Maryn was born! She has taught me a lot about life and love. the beginning of the month I was inspired by one of our lovely members to contribute to the foodbank. I wanted to do this daily. Each morning I would drop a loonie (dollar) into this container. I was mindful to be grateful for the food I would eat that day. I also started the day thinking about being kind..kind of setting my intention. So I am off with my donation and hopefully will continue to do this all my days! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! XO

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Helping Children Understand and Appreciate Gratitude

I teach at a small school and our families are far from wealthy. It takes a lot of effort from the parents on our School Council to raise funds for extra things for our students. Happily, they are providing each class with a "Scientist in the School".

Scientist Sheryl came in today and brought all sorts of wonderful activities for the children to explore simple machines. It was delightful!

Though the children said thank you I wanted them to show more gratitude. I explained how hard people had worked so that they could have this experience. They each made a card to show their appreciation and what they had learned. We attached little candy kisses (and ate some too!)

Tonight I put them out on the table at our School Council Meeting. The parents were touched and I think the kids are just a little smarter...about being thankful!

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Free Hugs

When I went into town yesterday I was able to give away all my care packages. I made sure I bent down and talked to every individual and it was LOVE-LY. However, one man is going to remain forever in my heart.  As we were chatting he said how cold he was so I asked if I could hug him. I tried to hold on to him tightly and rub some warmth into him. He said "You are a good hugger". This brought tears to my eyes. Such a simple act of kindness but such a beautiful connection.  It reminded me of this video (YOU TUBE Free Hugs Italy).
This movement is worldwide but it started in Australia! The Free Hugs Italy is done to Hallelujah and gets to my heart every time. In fact, I will have my class watch the video and then make Free Hugs signs. We go out on the yard a give out hugs So sweet to watch the little ones hug the bigger kids.

Sending out Free Hugs to everyone! XO

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A dollar's worth and so much more.

You might remember that I am putting a dollar a day in a container for the food bank. I wrote that I was taking January's money to the Food Bank. When I got there it had already closed so the baggie of money was just sitting waiting in my car. Yesterday I had to buy things in the dollar store for my class. I always chat to the young man at the till. He is not fond of the education system and as a teacher I always feel badly hearing these kind of stories. It is obvious he has some developmental and physical difficulties so I am sure school was not easy or kind to him. When he asked if I got everything I needed..I joked and said I still needed lettuce but he had everything I wanted and more! He went on to inform me that it is hard to get ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness even in the bathroom. Yes really.

BATHROOM KINDNESS- Weirdly in our bathroom at work we will put up a sentence starter on a white board...well it is a bunch of teachers! This week someone wrote "Today I love...." How would you respond!? As you can see there were many different things written but someone said they love Random Acts of Kindness. So...I ran to my car to get some kisses and a smile card to put beside the response. I love working with a wonderful group of people...and my kind spring kin! XO

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A Picture Perfect Random act of Kindness

BLOWING A KISS- You guys inspired me yet again and I feel wonderful! Last month, I went out to develop Christmas holiday pictures while everyone snoozed. Suddenly there was a problem with the machine. 

Shannon, the lady I usually see when developing class pictures (for individual photo albums!) had to come out and help me. She was grumbling a bit about staff who don't change the paper. I just listened and then we started chatting for about 10 minutes until she fixed things.

Before I left, I went to get a Thank You card.  I wrote in it about how awesome she is and how much I appreciate her help all the time. I attached the card to a bag of chocolate kisses. (I bought more and I will make those beautiful circle note/container cards which were suggested earlier). Oh! I am going to give them out everywhere!! XOXOXOXOXO

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Dollar a Day

As many of you know I was inspired by another KindSpringer to put a dollar a day in a container. I was going to take this money each month to the food bank. However, I met a young man who was telling me that he was unable to get fresh produce at the food bank so I gave last month's money to him.

Today I am going to sneak in the store and put the money on his cash register. I am tucking one of Mindy's peace doves in with the money and kisses as well. I am going to post this monthly donation so that I never forget to do it! The beautiful flowers are a thank you from a friend. It is kind of lovely when life ripples back kindness to you! Have a lovely day! XO


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Overcoming Fear

I was going into a bookstore and there was a young woman sitting on a wall. She asked me for some change. I actually had no money in my purse but I had change in my car. I used to keep it there for my coffee fund but now I have it for such moments.

After picking up a delightful children's book I wanted, ( I had only my card) I went and told her that I would come back in a minute. While I was in my car, this young woman followed me without me realizing. At first I felt fear when I saw her standing right beside my car door, which was at the back of the parking lot...Then I just let that go and trusted that all was good.

Luckily I even had some bills to give her . I love that I don't make any judgments now, if someone asks me for money, I just find a way to give it to them or buy them a meal. All thanks to your inspiration! Have a great day! XO -

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