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Unexpected sharing with my housemate

 Yesterday a housemate asked if I'd join him with dinner, he just felt like cooking and sharing. So I got treated! I was just passing him in the kitchen, on my way to next door to the supermarket, and thought it would be nice to get some Tiramisu as dessert (I almost never do dessert, but hey it felt good!)We had a great conversation too; he knows I am into spiritual things, so it got interesting. He shared he liked Jason Upton and shared this amazing song called Beautiful People. 

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Need A Push?

While walking home, with a Christmas box from my work hanging in a bag at my steering wheel, I saw an elderly lady sitting on her cart. I had to ask "are you ok?" I don't know what she said, but she seemed to understand my gesture. She needed to go a certain direction. I have no idea what language she spoke, but I figured out she did not understand English or any other language I comprehend. It was starting to get dark and a little chilly, and I knew she needed help and that her legs weren't carrying her that far. She tried to gesture to some people and a young lady even stopped to try to communicate with her, but nobody seemed to know her language. We eventually figured out that she spoke Arabic, but another man who stopped to help didn't speak it either. Finally we somehow managed to figure ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Sensory Help to a Toddler

I was doing volunteer work last Saturday and noticed a couple of young families shopping for secondhand clothes. In one family was a dad  looking after their two-year-old son, while mom had room to shop. He was so relaxed and patient with his son, and the kid did not take any heed of what dad uttered at all! The toddler was totally absorbed in experiencing sound (hitting a wooden floor with his toy cars) and copying a few kids also playing nearby. The boy's shirt was rather wet from drool and, as a sensory input specialist, I also noticed definite sensory seeking actions. I was mulling over how to address this, as I knew this kid had sensory issues and could easily be developing far better, if he got proper help. At a point I remembered food issues fitting what I saw, so I addressed the dad. "Apologies, how is your son with food? ... Read Full Story >>

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Foster Kids

Just saw a dad talk about his childhood, which was so bad, so much abuse in several ways. Then he got transferred to foster care, which didn't improve his situation much. He left home at a young age, fleeing and homeless.

Most of all he felt unloved and unwanted. He adopted later on in life, and was shocked that even nowadays, foster kids get a trash bag when they move.They adopted 4 kids and started an organization that helps foster children move with 'Comfortcases'. 
Here is a great video that shares more. Get the hankies ready!

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Lending phone app motivated one to pay it forward

I have an app on my phone, to see what certain people would love to lend for a bit. Today someone requested a camera. I was granted a newer one by friends a half a year back. I responded to the girl who requested the camera, that she could even keep it the one I was originally thinking of lending.

I'll see her tomorrow and explain it's use a bit. Made me smile! :)

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Love notes.

The first bunch of my "Love to share admiration /gratitude for.."-love notes can be carried everywhere and filled in on the spot! Like loving a well groomed garden or a very natural one, or just what one might come across in the bus or train. Loving it already!!

Choose round colorful paper to spread extra cheer! Love has no beginning, no end! 

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Children Leading The Way

Just had to share Melvin's story! When he heard of Nepal he felt the urge to console these kids, and thought of what helps him.. his cuddly toy! So he drew a wonderful toy to make from scratch (even learned to sew!) and made 350 of these and personally delivered them to children in Nepal. 

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