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Warm Coats for All Beings

At our local post office, you will occasionally see a homeless young man and his dog and a young lady and her dog and cat sitting quietly on the cold pavement as the people pass by. Today, I noticed she had taken her sweatshirt off and put it on her dog since it was shivering.

I was so moved I went into the store, purchased a coat and gave it to her so she could be warm too.

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Two high schools boys joined in on the kindness

As I entered the local grocery store parking lot, a mom and her two daughters were holding a sign that said, "Any help is appreciated."

It turned out that two boys from the local high school were selling baked goods nearby to raise money, so I gave the boys some money and asked if they would give the baked goods to the lady and her girls. One boy said he would match my donation and give all the goods to them. Our acts of kindness can move others to acts of kindness. Now that is powerful. :-)

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