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A Lesson In Receiving, We Too Give

I recently ran a support group for people who have family members with mental health conditions and who need support. It was our second meeting. However, no one showed up who had a family member with a mental health condition.  

Albeit, two students did show up who were interested in working with people with mental health conditions. These two students gave of their time to allow me to share with them how the support group works. They let me practice my group facilitation skills. This was so helpful for me! I guess I gave them the gift of giving to someone else too!
I want to remember it is very important to be able to receive help from others, with thankfulness and gratitude, in addition to giving.

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Sending Cheer to Get Cheerr!

Today I went to see my aunt who broke her hip and is in recovery at a rehab center. It was pouring rain and very blustery so I was delighted to find a parking space close to the entrance!

When I found her she was eating her dinner. My aunt mentioned I was her only visitor today. I was so happy that I made the time to see her. She is an important part of my life.

I took her some cards so she could send them to others who need some kindness. She really enjoyed being able to send something to another person who needed some cheer.

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A Ride In The Rain

Today I gave a ride to a colleague so she did not have to drive 2 hours round trip in pouring rain to a meeting. I don't usually go to the meeting, but in the end I was the winner! Spending time with her was really rewarding!

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Sister Clare's A+ Kindess in Trigonometry

There was a wonderful nun when I was a junior in high school. Her name was Sr. Clare Lentz. I often wonder what she would be doing today. She is probably only ten or so years older than I am! She was a very kind person. Her kindness has always stayed with me. Here is what happened. I was in her trigonometry class. I was not a stellar student because I was not that interested in working too hard, but I did get B's and Cs and would have been mortified to fail anything. I failed one of the trigonometry tests. Really failed - a 30% or something worse. She had just passed the papers back and walked by me, smiled and whispered quietly - "Don't worry - you just mixed up sine and cosine - no big deal. You will do fine next time." That made me feel so much better!  I have ... Read Full Story >>

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Happiness is a choice

Yesterday I spent the entire day doing things that just made for happiness. The day started with a day at the spa with two wonderful friends - one was turning 65, so we celebrated her! Then we got together and had a dinner party with a larger group of friends.

One of our dearest friends died suddenly right before Christmas, so we celebrated her presence with us in the past and how she lives within us all in the present still. She was really the glue that pulled us together - we did not all know each other prior to rallying around her after she had an accident which left her a quadriplegic. Just being with each other is such a gift.

I completed reading a book, The Geography of Bliss, earlier this week. It really left me aware that happiness is a choice - we all get to make it! No matter what our circumstances, it is ours to choose. The amygdala only gets to rule if we let it....

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Newcomer to Kindness

I just signed up for kindspring last night. To my great surprise this evening I read lovely notes from people in the kindspring community, found I had Karma Bucks, and then I was able to give Karma bucks and smiles away! How wonderful it feels to read all the great stories, but especially to give karma bucks away! It is cool to know that I can come home from work and be inspired to share each day through kindspring.

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