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A Challenge To Myself For Our Planet

I am in a 'reduce plastics' challenge and todays challenge is around plastic water bottles. I am extremely lucky to live where water is mostly portable and often free of odd tastes or smells.

From my point of view, it is indefensible that we bring water in plastic bottles testto our homes, workplaces, and other areas with clean drinkable water readily available.

The energy waste of manufacture and transportation, the plastic in landfills, and the potential harm from gasses released by bottles makes this practice absurd. With this realization, I'm trying to make shifts in my personal practice to not contribute in this way any longer. Hoping to make our planet greener in the process!

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Creating Connections

I joined a challenge to practice positive interactions with vulnerable populations at my job in the library. It is called "Pennies in a Cup" to create connections with folks so that if there is a time for a negative interaction you have earned trust, respect, kindness, etc.

For instance, if you greet people and learn their names, when you might have to ask them to speak more quietly, you can address them with familiarity and respect from prior encounters. I am excited by the results!

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Young People's Kindness

i have been meeting with 5th graders learning and talking about social isolation and food insecurity in a project at their school. i love how they respond with ideas, compassion, and interest of two complicated issues. makes me hopefulđź’›

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I had an opportunity to help someone who had the chain fall off their hand cranked bicycle and I was so happy another couple also stopped to make it easier for all of us. I learned a lot about how a bike like that operates. Glad there are helpers among us.

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