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An Act of Kindness is Never Wasted

Today, I was shopping at Jewel and using the self check-out line when all of a sudden someone accidentally scanned their gallon of milk on my register when I was bagging up. It was only four dollars and they felt so bad, but I saw this as an opportunity to be kind. I paid for it and told them not to worry about it. They were extremely grateful for my act and left the store smiling. I felt good doing that for them. 

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Grocery store kindess

Today, I was at the grocery store buying a few items when the lady in front of me couldn't find the change to complete her bill and was short 78 cents. She was all frazzled trying to find change to finish paying.

I then gave her a dollar to finish paying her bill. She was so grateful she kind of just stared at me surprised. She thanked me over and over again and apologized for not having the extra 78 cents. I told her not to worry about it and really it was only a dollar.

She kept smiling and thanking me for the littlest act of kindness and it felt really nice to help her out in a little way to keep her day running smoothly


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