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Good Deeds Don't Go Unnoticed

I work in a restaraunt that has a program working with ex con's and the homeless. There is a guy who started working with us as a dishtanker and he told me his story one day. He lived in Florida, (we're in Ohio now) and he received information that he owed child support on a 6 year old boy. Well this was news to his ears because he didn't even know he had a kid! He came to Ohio to to clear this matter up and took a DNA test that determined that the kid was his. He was PROMPTLY put in jail for owing over $19,000 in back child support. He stayed in jail for 9 months and when he was released he was homeless, jobless. Instead of giving up on his kid and going back to Florida where he had plenty of family and help, he stayed in Ohio and ... Read Full Story >>

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A Class Ring Found

I have a real life Christmas story! My friend, Don, found a class ring in his basement. We have NO clue how that ring got down there!  Well after 6 months of hearing about the ring I decided to investigate.

The initials on the ring were ADN and it said she had graduated in Chardon Ohio. How on earth did a ring get from Chardon to Columbus into my friend's basement, we'll never know.  But I went to myspace and went to the schools and alumni pages, and a girl named beck went to classmates and discovered her name was Alicia Nader! (I knew her name was Alicia, it was on the ring, but I didn't know her last name!)

So after about 2 weeks of searching, I finally got an email from her! So Don and I sent her her class ring back. I can tell the story better, but that is the jist of it! The point is, we made her day, and she in turn made ours by giving us a case to solve!

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Good Deeds Don't Go Unnoticed