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I Stood By Her

I was coming back from home late at night in a 'Sharing' mini van. In Hyderabad, India, it is a cheap and quick mode of transport. The van drivers ply as many as 13 people at times in a vehicle which is built for the transport of 8 people. Our van was over crowded as well. People were getting off and on at many places. One girl signaled the driver to stop. She wriggled herself out of the van. While getting down, she tripped and fell. None of us noticed it, as it was dark. The driver was waiting for her to pay. It was then we saw that the girl was on her knees by the side of the road.  Another passenger and I got down and held her up.  Even in pain, she held up a note and asked us to pay the driver. The other passenger took the note ... Read Full Story >>

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A sudden change of heart

I was at a stand-and-eat restaurant. When I approached the bill counter, there were a few folks already waiting. The guy behind the counter was busy on the phone. It is a shop where no one follows a queue. People just swarm the counter and whoever can get the attention of the counter guy gets his bill serviced first.

Before the counter guy hung up, a few more customers joined. He started servicing the orders one by one. He looked at me to serve next, as I was leaning over the table with my hands stretching up to him. At the last moment, I withdrew my hand and told him to serve the gentle man who came before me.

The waiting man was pleasantly surprised and said a very warm thank you. It felt good :)  

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