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Dog Walking Therapy

I am so grateful for the therapeutic walk with the young neighbor lady who was having a PTSD episode and texted me. I suggested we grab our dogs and head for the park, even though it was very hot. She said, ok, but said she hasn't been able to eat the last few days.  I suggested peanut butter for some protein and easy on the tummy. She was able to eat it and felt better. Then we headed out in the 90 degree sun. We met a neighbor I keep reintroducing her to, and he is starting be kinder and more accepting to her.  Then off to the park with a breeze blowing. We talked and walked. Before you know it she was feeling much better. I gave her a light up solar leash (we sometimes walk at night) with doggy bags tied to handle (she forgets these bags and neighbors get mad ... Read Full Story >>

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