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What I learned from a little girl at a train station

Lately, I had become so cynical about finding goodness in people looking at the happenings around the world. But I have also been pleasantly surprised by goodness in unexpected people. I am beginning to realize that goodness still exists in the world if only we have the grace to be surprised by goodness from unexpected people. A few weeks ago I had gone back to my hometown and I was traveling by train to visit a friend in the comfort of a new air-conditioned coach while it was blisteringly hot outside. After a few stations, the delivery man from the cafeteria in the train came around to deliver the pre-booked hot meals and drinks. Just behind him rushed in a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old obviously used to begging and put out her hand pleading for some food just with her gestures but no words. The food supplier was ... Read Full Story >>

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I Was That Stranger

 I always wondered how people would react if i tried to approach a total stranger for help in a busy place like a street corner or in a bustling mall. I have always hurried past a stranger who tried to catch my attention in a busy place or when I am rushing around. I had a taste of both the kindness and callousness that you encounter in the street. Yesterday I was in a busy shopping mall buying a large piece of luggage because I just had the time to do it after many days of planning After the purchase in one of the large shops, I picked up my phone from my pocket to call my driver waiting in the parking lot and my phone was dead . I then requested the shop attendant who had just sold me the merchandise (which was not cheap), if she could ring the number ... Read Full Story >>

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