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A Pay It Forward Ripple From The Toll Booth

On the road with my mom, drove on the Thruway (I-90) for about 1.5 hours to our exit, and at the booth the guy inside questioned why we were so happy?-because  mom and I were just cracking up over something. Ii paid our toll and then gave him $5.00 and a Smile Card to help pay the car behind us and asked him  to please give them the card.- We drove off and that car stayed at the booth for an extra minute and I'm sure was reading the card,hopefully happy and smiling. Our light turned green and off we went. Mom said, ''Humph, wow, I'm very impressed." I said ''I know, take a look at this person that you raised'' - it was Awesome! Part 2 of the story - Driving back today in a complete downpour, lightning, thunder, sheets of rain, hoping it would get better but it just kept steady or ... Read Full Story >>

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Everything Evens Out Eventually

Friday we were out at a local restaurant and I asked my partner to pick a table that we would then get the bill for. He picked the same table that I had secretly chosen. It was a man, woman and child. We thought, "lets get their bill...anonymously of course!" So we worked it out with the waitress and I asked her to give them a Smile Card in place of their bill, which, along with tip came to about $46. I also won on a Quick Draw lottery ticket. Guess how much I won. Yup...$46.00. ... Read Full Story >>

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She Accepted Some Unexpected Overtime, But Didn't Pack Extra Food. She Then Got Back To Her Desk With A Surprise Waiting

Last week I finally completed my first 6 months in my new position and by getting through my first 6 months I am now eligible to work overtime!  I was asked and accepted some today.

Well, because it was unexpected, I didn't have extra food or snacks packed and I had mentioned this to a co-worker in passing. After all the regular staff had gone home I returned to my work area to grab something and found that she had left me an apple and a note and an extra apple she had but wanted to give it to me ''just in case''.

What a nice gesture! A small, simple gesture - just perfect. Thanks!

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Monday Rak - Surprise, I Choose You !!

Monday RAK. - so i decided to go to the store last night, to get some specialized attention for my shoes/feet. the store associate was really nice and happy when i called to confirm the store hours and if someone would be there to help me when i arrived.
i decided - i'm going to make her my Random Act of Kindness for March !!
it was not anonymous, but i still surprised her.
i gifted her a chocolate bar, 2 bookmarks and a peace dove from our MindyJourney and a Smile Card.
(for me, sometimes if i wait to do a RAK, i lose my nerve and it never happens so this time - i just DID IT ! )
Opportunites present themselves to us all the time, I will try to not let as many pass me by.

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Pay it forward at the restaurant!

What a great night!

My family and I went out for dinner to our local hangout, a well known chain restaurant. I was prepared this time, and had 2 Smile Cards with me.

The outcome? Well, the family whose bill we paid for, they turned around and decided to Pay it Forward, too!!! It was so cool.
So basically, we paid their bill by surprise. Then, touched by the act of kindness, they picked out another table and went to pick up their bill.... I love domino kindness!!

All this random kindness was spotted by a bystander who came over to ask me about it. I told her about our awesome community and gave her my 2nd smile card.
She said that she would try to do a kind act too!!

RaK Pack (definition: a group of people who do Random Acts of Kindness)


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Cold, Snowy Kindness

A few days ago I surprised a shopper at our local grocery. We were parked right next to each other and she was sitting in her vehicle to leave. I offered to brush off her windshield for her (she was waiting until I was done brushing off my vehicle before she got out of hers), and she gave me a big smile and a 'thumbs up' through the window. I brushed off her car and she thanked me - then off we went.

I think that must be the most universal sign, used all over the world and everyone understands it - - Thumbs Up !!

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Contagious Kindness

Happy Saturday !
I found a few more smile cards in an old wallet and so I paid the bill for a couple out at a local restaurant last night. I am but an instrument to be used for passing on kindness, and then hoping it spreads.

If something is going to be contagious, it should be Smiles and Kindness - trying to infect as many people as I can:).

Have a great weekend y'all<3.

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Tito, 2nd Picture. This ...

Tito, 2nd picture.
this is his poor body picture. he is all ribs and hip bones. he was used as a race horse until he was considered unprofitable, then he was sold to a farm where he was used every day, never loved. never properly cared for. and when they used him up they sent him to the kill pen.

But we've got him now !!
now that he is with us he gets lots of love every day, a specialized diet, he gets groomed (cuz he has rain rot, so his hair is falling out), vet check ups and everything else that goes along with it.
it will be very interesting to see this boy blossom.

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A New Old Friend

I got together with a 'friend' today. I use the quotes because before today he was more of a ''really cool, always positive and smiling acquaintance.'' Today we met for what could have been a 10-minute visit to drop off electronics, and it turned into a 5-hour long discussion on everything.

We have known each other for almost 30 years. Today was the first time we have ever really talked about life, religion, family, death, after death, the energy of "us," and how we are always learning & teaching one another.

It was a wonderful get-together, a truly special learning experience.
It amazes me how people can come into our lives and have such a profound effect.  What a blessing. I trust we will be able to visit again.


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Family Generosity During the Covid Pandemic

I offer a big thank you to the kindness of our family and friends. I was diagnosed positive for Covid-19 on Monday, January 11, 2021.

My partner and I stayed home in quarantine. We had several family members drop off food and cleaning products, and go grocery shopping for us.

It was very sweet.

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This Is Tito, The ...

This is Tito, the horse i am sponsoring. he looks very sad, i think he IS very sad. sometimes he just stands in his stall, unsure of what to do, who to trust. i am heading out in a minute for a little horse kindness.

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Kindness Bingo

Hello everyone.
On my last trip to our Dollar Store (a store that carries low priced items ranging from cards and decorations to food and kitchen cleaners and utensils),
i noticed a Kindness challenge for school children for sale.
One of the 'challenges' was to "apologize to someone that you said something mean to"
- there were many items on the paper, this was only the first one that I am able to recall..... maybe it was called Kindness Bingo?? -

anyway, this got me thinking... how can I incorporate this or something like it, for adults??  can I bring it in to my job and get people involved ??
I will go back to the store and buy it and see what other ideas/challenges are listed.

hugs, hugs and love to you all !!!

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