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Winds Too High For You To Stay Cold

A week ago when I got out of the train, I was about to exit the railway station when my eyes got stuck on one old guy. The morning cold winter winds were piercing through my woolen cap. I noticed the older man wasn't wearing anything on his head nor scarf around his neck, yet he was sitting in open amidst chilly winds.

I went to him and asked the reason for not wearing any headgear. He gave me a weird stare and said "coz I ain't have any" - I got the vibe that probably he felt embarrassed that I asked him that. So I pulled out my cap and handed it to him. I told him to keep wearing it. He then smiled. I smiled back and left. :-)

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My First Mission As A Kindness Apprentice

I am a 22 year old guy who has a deep wish to serve the creation of super consciousness. I grew up with the same thoughts of kindness, my parents also inculcated it in me by not only saying but also showing how its done. Before this Christmas, the cold was severe, it always pained me to see the poor and homeless on streets suffering in the cold--people with no socks, no proper clothing -  sitting on streets in the bone chilling cold. I brought 10 pullovers and some biscuits and put all of them in a bag and left in search for more of such needy souls. I wandered for miles..then I saw the first one. He was an old man sitting on a street with a dog in his lap. I didn't say a word and stood beside him, he looked at me and asked if I had something to eat. Well ... Read Full Story >>

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Satiated By The Little Kid's Smile

Today I went to this weekly market. I eagerly wait for the delicious street food stalls, and as usual, I went to the coupon guy and asked for one coupon (which I then have to hand over to another guy who will hand me the food).

 As I was standing in the queue when I saw a lady with her two kids. The kids were so excited to enjoy the food I noticed however that she only asked for one coupon. I was little sad to notice I asked for 2 coupons, one for myself and the other for the lady. I went up to her and asked her to take the coupon, handing it to her with a smile.

I walked towards the food court, and just as I was going to hand my coupon over to the food guy, a kid came to me and looked straight into my eyes. I asked him.."are you okay kid?" and he replied.."I also want to eat, can I please also get a coupon?" need to guess, he got the coupon. I will have to wait for another week to enjoy those delicacies. Their smiling faces extinguished my hunger.

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