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The Difficult Woman I Found Loving-Kindness For

This week I posted I had started practicing a loving kindness meditation. I had an experience today that was so amazing I have to share. I actually saw the woman I sent loving energy to during the part of the practice where you think of someone you consider difficult and send loving kindness, as you can. Usually when I see her, I am sorry to say, I do not think well of her based on her past behavior towards myself and others. Today when I saw her it was as if I was observing her for the first time. I cannot say I was overfilled with love---but I did not have any negative thoughts or vibes! I am so grateful for this---to where I came back to my job and did a 10 minute meditation until my client was ready to be picked up. I have been struggling with the ugliest of emotions ... Read Full Story >>

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Conscious Decisions

Today I made a conscious decision to practice loving kindness meditation, to send out loving energies to those my heart does not welcome. I am choosing to do this because I understand that without a proactive decision to love and care I will become the very thing I have lived my life standing against. I cannot say I live by "be the change you wish to see in the world" when times are easy and forget it when times are not. I will continue to do this until one day my heart no longer recognizes who was not there from the start.

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