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I am a Strong Mother, Trying My Best

Yesterday, I drove my 23 year old daughter to the nearby counseling center, to attempt once again to complete the intake process- which is only done on a first come, first serve basis. I did my best to encourage and give her uplifting support as she was feeling anxious of the whole process. (As a private person, on private matters of my own, I understand- especially with regard to vulnerabilities). While we were waiting, just minutes before the center opened their door, a young gal the same age as my daughter, came in. She had a beautiful smile I remember, and spoke of a her desire to make a difference for others from all she learned through her past drug abuse. It had been two weeks since her stopping the use of heroine. She shared that she realized her life went by, in those 10 years, and wants to do more with ... Read Full Story >>

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Sister Supports

Tonight, I did more to help out my sister whose trailer just burned down. I chatted with her, listening intently, giving encouragement throughout the day. This seemed to help her. Knowing she contacted lots of places, to no avail, to get housing help, I checked around for her online. I emailed the Fire Department in Seminole, OK, expressing gratitude for their courage and doing their best, while also requesting resources they could refer me to for her sake. Since she is in between jobs, and struggling with the search right now, I looked online again,  and found some local possibilities with her experience that I recall. Then, I emailed her with what I found. I searched on Facebook for as many digital photos of her and her kids, as I could round up, so far. I found 25. Im in the process of adding them to an online storage account for her to keep ... Read Full Story >>

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Watering Love Wherever I Go

Today, after I dropped my daughter at Youth Move, I had about an hour before she needed picked up, so I picked up lunch at the nearby natural food store when I was downtown. On my way inside, I looked to my left and noticed a nice elderly couple who seemed to be down on their luck. Intuition told me to get some McKenzie Mist water and bring the bottles to them, so I did. By that time, her husband had stepped away, so I brought the water bottles to the woman, who I learned was named Deborah. She was reading the paper when I came by and looked over at me with the most pleasant grin that glowed. She was very grateful for the water and remembered having McKenzie Mist water in the home that they used to have. That is all I learned of their story the first time I ... Read Full Story >>

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Soothing Socks

Today, I was doing laundry in the apartment laundromat when I noticed a lady at the window. She asked if I had some socks for her feet as she just injured her foot. I went through my laundry basket and picked out the 1st 2 socks I found, later finding out that they didn't match - oops! After I left the laundry room, going towards my apartment again, I saw her sitting on the sidewalk,  slowly moving to put socks on her feet. While it is still summer here, the weather is cooler, and I thought I'd offer thicker socks if she wanted some.  She declined though, saying she was okay, and also turned down my offer for water. As I continued towards my upstairs apartment and looked back, she was gone. I hope she is okay now, wherever she is.   ... Read Full Story >>

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See The Light In Others

Recently, I encouraged a man who had been healing and recovering for the last 32 years from something he did when he was 22. I learned it was after a 10 year childhood addiction to drugs that caused him to make some very poor choices, then, and contributed to the loss of two lives. After reading his private journals and writing that he shared with me, and meeting in person at a public coffee shop, I empathized with what his child self went through and wanted to hug that child part of him and hold him. I let him know I believe in the goodness in him and his following through on his good intentions going forward. He professed wanting to do good and I could see it in his eyes. He had suffered over 3 decades of shame and guilt that haunted him, which led to his transformation and spiritual path. Through ... Read Full Story >>

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The Gentleman In The Parking Lot

Today, I made the time to listen to a person new to me, which I met as I was parking my car. "Perfect", he said as he walked by me as I checked how considerately I parked. He was a clean cut gentleman sharing his feelings about his grown kids, parenting mistakes he is conscious of and striving to change, while expressing a realization to stay clear of destructive addictions. I listened patiently and kindly as I had the means this time. He seemed quite comfortable with me, in need of some therapeutic letting go of his thoughts and emotions. After talking for a while, I had to go inside, and I asked him to wait on the sidewalk and I'd be right back with some gifts for him I wanted him to have. He was so receptive all along, and I could feel the desires of his heart. I returned to him ... Read Full Story >>

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Refreshing Water

My best friend and I walked to an ice cream shop today. I brought my water bottle out of habit and commented to her that I had no idea why I brought it otherwise. We kept going though. On our way, a man asked if either of us had money for water, or a drink or something. He was sitting on the ground at the time with a sign he stopped holding up. I offered my reusable water bottle for him to keep. He chugged down about 24 oz of water mighty quickly. He gave me my bottle back after all. I said to my friend with a smile., "That was why I brought it then." On the return back from the ice cream store, I tried to get water to go, in case he was still there. They only had mineral water and coconut water there, something he may have disliked. ... Read Full Story >>

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Hot Chocolate On The House

Someone shared joys of kindness with me today. It started my Monday real well, too, and is a universal affirmation that feels encouraging.

It was at my familiar convenience store, in the Friendly St.. neighborhood, where I sometimes stop for hot chocolate on a cold morning before going to teach. This morning, that was all I was getting. To my surprise, the clerk just said, "You know what. You are a nice customer. It is on the house, today." It was very nice of him.
Keep sharing joys!

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Quarters For an act of Kindness To Pay Forward

I usually use my debit card to pay for the library parking meter. This time, I was only planning to be there for a few minutes to print out a document. I only had a few coins and a $1 bill, but only coins were accepted.

I asked a nearby lady if she had change for a dollar. She looked at the machine with me, and after a while, offered me a quarter to go with the change I already had. 

I smiled, gratefully, and said I would share the kindness forward. Yesterday, while at a free library class, I placed a quarter on the machine to lend a bit of peace to the next person. I hope it helped! 

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Joy Rocks

I've made some Joy Rocks for the Share Joys Project. Here are some my daughter made with me that I kept. The others we gave away.

The most recent ones include positive affirmations to encourage the finder to be their true self and share the joys forward. :)

Under the rocks was a message something like:

"This Joy Rock is made for YOU,
for all the goodness that you do!
Create more to put in a public place
and put a smile on someone's face."

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Gladly Pay The Change Forward

At Dollar Tree, I mistakenly left behind my reusable bag so I bought one (choosing to reuse the biodegradable bag for recyclables). I left a couple of pennies for the next person that needs a 5 cent bag.

As I did this, I asked "Rena", the cashier, if she started this and she said she did, along with some earlier customers. She kept sharing the word with the next person that needed a bag and the thoughtfulness train continues.

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