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Helping Sally Swim

Each year I volunteer at a camp for children with asthma. Having the condition myself, I went there myself as a camper, then became a counselor when I was of age.  This camp is an wonderful place that I could spend days talking about - it does amazing things to the kids who go through the program. I've met a multitude of unforgettable individuals there, but one child definitely stands out. One year, as a Senior Counselor, I was in charge of one Teams for games and activities. On the first day, the camp director came to talk to me, leading a small girl. For the purposes of this story, I will call her Sally. She was adorable, vivacious, smart, funny, and about 9 years old. And, in additon to asthma, she had sickle cell disease. This meant I had ... Read Full Story >>

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I had been having a rough week at school; exams, reports, papers just all seemed to be hitting me all at the same time. My boyfriend knew how much the week had worn me out so when Friday night came, he knew I wasn't up for too much excitement. We ended up just staying in my room talking and such, which was exactly what I needed.

We even made up a game. One would tell the other to draw something, and the other would do so, usually in a very original way. Sure, it may sound a little lame, but to me, it was the happiest I had been all week.

When I was little, I had a video of a Garth Brooks concert that I watched again and again (my mom even made me a guitar out of a tissue box, the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, and a few rubber bands).  So as we played our little drawing game, I told my boyfriend to draw a guitar. When he showed me what he had drawn, I was speechless. Of course, it was a tissue box with a paper towel tube stuck in it with some rubber band strings.

It was a really little thing, but remembering something so little that I loved made me so happy. He definitely won our game hands down!

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I Gave My First Smile Card!

The RA of my floor at my dorm is an amazing person. Her door is always open, and she's always ready with a ready ear, some great advice, a shoulder to cry on, and some of the best brownies I have ever tasted.

We've really been lucky that, as freshmen, we've had her as a resource and a friend. She's really become like a big sister to all of us. Sometimes I feel that we don't let her know enough how much she means to us, and how much of an impact she's had on our lives. So, when I got my smile cards in the mail, I decided that the first one would go to her.

I wrote a little note with it saying how much we appreciate all that she's done for us, even though we don't always show it. I slipped it under her door this afternoon... I'm waiting to see if any there is any noticeable reaction :D As long as she is smiling, I'll feel good.

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Random Smilecarding

In one of the eateries on campus today, as I was quickly eating my lunch before my next class, I had an urge to give someone a smile card.

On complete impulse, I stuck one in one of those little plastic things that have flyers or whatever in them that they put on tables. So, right next to the specials for the month, there is now a great big message to SMILE!

Maybe no one will notice it, but maybe some people will, and get a little grin out of it as they rush around in the busy lives that pervade this place. Maybe someone will even take it and continue the chain and pay it forward.

Whatever the result, if even just one person smiles, it will be a success.

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