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Helping A Friend

I really wantto share this story that  happened a couple of weeks back. One of my friends had told me about this guy from my economics class, who was homeless and was sleeping in his car for the rest of the semester, since the rent in the Bay Area is very pricey. I had asked my friend to give me his contact number so I could go talk to him and see what was going on.  I met him the following week and sat down with him. He told he had no financial support and was working 2 jobs in order to pay for his college tuition but was running short on money for books. I do not work, so I decided to sell a few of my old college textbooksso I could help. I eventually saved up money for 2 textbooks and handed them to him and the rest of the ... Read Full Story >>

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A Helping Hand For A Brother and Sister

One day, I  went to Safeway a little late at night. There were only 2 cash registers open at 12 AM, and a woman and her younger brother were ahead of me. They had a bag full of food and were using their food stamps to pay it off. Unfortunately, there was not enough in their budget to afford the food they had bought. The woman and her brother had already held up the line by asking the cashier if there may have been an error. The cashier called someone, who then pulled them to the side to explain everything. Then the cashier started to check my stuff out, I asked the cashier what the price was for the food they had bought. It totaled around 45$ and I told her I would pay for it. After paying for the groceries, I left Safeway before they were told by the cashier that ... Read Full Story >>

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Recycling At The Beach!

A few days ago I was at the beach, and I felt sorry to see so much trash lying around near the rocks. How could I relax with so much litter around?
So, my friend and I grabbed a pair of gloves from a nearby place, and started picking up the litter - as many number of cans, napkins, bottles, and rubber as we could find.

While we were picking up these items, a man passing by also joined us and lent a helping hand. I think we collected a bag full.

We should all do our part to be the solution and recycle!

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