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Small Acts

This is a short story with a small act of kindness. The weather is getting warmer where we live and it is time bring out the fans. My very recent ex does not have much money and has no fan in her house and does not have enough extra income to turn on the AC yet. Though I don't have much extra spending capital, I purchased a fan for her apartment and left it at her house for her to find after work. She doesn't know it was me (a few of us have keys to her house), and I won't tell. I'm grateful that I am in a position to be able to help another human being in even a small way.

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Helping A Neighbor

Today I helped a neighbor. As I was leaving for work, I saw a small dog barking and barring it's teeth at a young man of maybe 20. As I drove closer, I could see the dog's leash was wound around a gate post. I pulled over and helped this young man calm the dog down enough to unwrap the leash from the fence post and her leg. She was a new puppy who had just been adopted two days earlier. She ran off during their walk and doesn't trust men. It felt great ot meet a neighbor and help save a little life. Hopefully those two will bond and have many happy years together!

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Sandwiches of Hope

Today I practiced a familiar kind act. I went with my daughter to assist a group in making over 1k sandwiches and 'to go' lunches for the local homeless population. These will be passed out tomorrow.

I often try to give food that I have to people who are homeless, but I have never participated in a larger scale operation before. We came together as strangers, worked for a common goal, and left at the end of the night feeling better about our contribution to our community.

Together, 12 of us made about 1000 sandwiches, and a total of 800 lunches. Though our local homeless population is larger than that, at least 800 people will go to sleep tomorrow with food in their belly and ideally some hope for a new day.

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River Cleanup

Today I practiced kindness in a small but meaningful way. I took my 12 year daughter for a walk on the river behind where we live.

We spent 30 minutes walking along the banks and picking up litter and cigarette butts. I was also able to connect with my daughter in a very authentic way (which is hard to do with preteens) and connect with nature.
It was a kindness for the earth, for my daughter and for myself!

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Dinner And Conversation

Yesterday, I spent the day at my child’s sporting event running the snack bar. At the end of the evening, the event organizers were going to throw away the left over hotdogs and hamburger buns, chips, salsa, cheese, etc.

Instead I took them home. We spent the evening making cheese sandwiches and packing ziploc bags of chips. We then went to an area where a lot of homeless people live and handed out sandwiches and chips for an evening meal (about 40 meals total) and spent some time chatting with a couple of people.

It was so fulfilling to to witness the appreciation and gratitude for a full belly. They were happy not only to have some food, but grateful for the opportunity to have a conversation and be treated like anyone else. I was thankful to have met some new friends and for the opportunity to help my fellow humans.

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