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Making Time to Listen

Last week, my friends and I got together to eat delicious Asian fusion chicken wings in our college town. We hadn’t all been together in a while, so it was nice catching up and sharing summer plans with each other. These catch ups, however, do not allow for deeper conversations, especially if someone is uncomfortable sharing personal troubles in a larger crowd. After the dinner, three of us got desserts - boba drinks - and I noticed that my friend, D, was hovering a bit, seemingly not wanting to go as if he wanted, or needed, our company at that time. Earlier that night during dinner, he had also said his second year in college was really rough, so I asked him about his experience again. This time the flood gates of emotions opened, and he shared with us issues of mental health he had been dealing with throughout the year with ... Read Full Story >>

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Carrot Cake Blessings

Today I made my mom a carrot cake before going to work. I haven't been getting enough sleep these last few weeks, but I wanted to make her something that she has been requesting for a while now. The night before I bought ingredients that I didn't have, and then I woke up an hour and a half earlier than I usually do today to prep everything - grating the carrots, melting the butter, mixing the flour, nutmeg and cinnamon. I also cleaned the oven, as our oven was smoking for a bit because something that had dripped to the oven floor was not cleaned. It has been a while since I've baked, and I've also been addressing some internal struggles which has made me be a bit selfish, so creating something simple like a carrot cake for my mother who has worked so hard so that she can provide for herself ... Read Full Story >>

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Love Through Acts Of Service

Two days ago, I helped my Little, one of my close friends who just graduated, move out of her apartment. We planned to have a nice dinner before she moved back to her hometown 400 miles away, but being the caring person she is, she had offered her time to help her friends move during dinner, even though she needed to pack/donate things herself. She isn’t usually one to ask for help, so I knew that I had to offer my time/energy persistently if I was going to be useful. I bought her boba to drink because I knew she hadn’t eaten and then rented a carshare for her to borrow. It was a whole debacle - the first carshare we rented wouldn’t open, so we had to be Lyft-ed to another car a few blocks away. This car then had no gas, so we had to gas this car, which pushed ... Read Full Story >>

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