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Last 3 Acts Of Kindness All Bundled Up In One

5th act of Kindness: Giving away extra when I have too much I bought a 10 pack of socks from Ross because it was a better deal. I ran in to grab them once I arrived to my destination yesterday and I noticed I forgot to pack socks. As soon as I left the store I offered socks to two strangers and they appreciated them. I still have 8 pairs of socks for myself. That’s more than enough socks for one person. 6th act of Kindness: Practiced Active Listening with All I love engaging with people but I’ve noticed that my communication skills needed to improve. I practiced kindness by focusing on listening to each person I’ve been engaging with fully before offering a reply. I’ve noticed I’ve felt a deeper connection with those I’ve been communicating with and it’s felt nice. 7th act of kindness: Taking time to rest when needed aka listening ... Read Full Story >>

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Act Of Kindness Number One: Offered A Genuine Compliment To A Stranger

I practiced kindness today by offering a genuine compliment to someone I saw at the greyhound bus station while waiting on my bus. I really enjoy receiving compliments myself but when they are not genuine it effects how I receive it. I told a lady that I liked her yoga pants while she was standing in line for at the concession stand and I walked past her because I really did. Compliments are a beautiful way of making someone’s day without doing a lot of work or spending any money. She smiled in response and said thank you so I think it was well received. :)

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