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Being On Time For ...

Being on time for a meeting I have quite a bit of meetings virtually and some of them are not particularly engaging, so I tend to sometimes forget it’s time to log on Zoom. It results in someone having to text me to remind me that the meeting has started and when more of us are late, the rest of the group is waiting for us to join. Though everyone is nice and accommodating, it waste others’ time and none of us seem to fix our punctuality. I noticed that when I’m not as excited about something I tend to be less willing to log on a bit earlier so I can be on time. I do it for important appointments such as interviews, so it’s not that I don’t know how to do it. Also, I justify myself by thinking that there’s someone else who will be late too so ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Rides To Others

The “After Mindfulness Retreat” at UC Berkeley is coming up this weekend. A friend from New York registered to join the retreat while she’s in the area. However, since she’s attending another retreat two hours away from Berkeley, she was trying to find a way to get there. When she asked me if she can get a ride, I immediately said yes since I’m heading there too.

This reminded me of how when I was young, my parents took me wherever I needed to go. When I went to college, my friends often drove me until I got a car and could drive myself. I’ve been fortunate to be around people who have generously offered rides without expecting anything in return : ).

This is the third of the seven acts of kindness that I signed up for.

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