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Unexpected Smiles

 The other day I was shopping at a local store and came upon a lady from India squatting on the floor looking for a certain product on the bottom shelf. She sprang up when she saw me as if to get out of my way. Apologetically she explained that she was a cashier at a nearby store and was on her lunch break, trying to get a few needed items before her time was up.  I reassured her, "I am in no hurry. Go ahead and do what you need to do. I have plenty of time." While she searched for a particular brand she said that sometimes customers were rude to her at the store and she really appreciated my kindness. I told her that I had noticed cashiers being treated rudely by some people and that those people needed to be more considerate.  It is stressful to the cashier when ... Read Full Story >>

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Morning Newspaper Delivery

On the bottom floor of my building lives an elderly active lady.

She makes prayer quilts for others, which have brought safety, comfort, and healing to others. She also made one for me because of my back problems. She saves the tabs of aluminum  cans to give to an organization that can earn money from them.

When she walks, she looks like she is in pain. She has severe upper back scoliosis, which makes one shoulder much lower than the other. It hurts me to watch her walk.

In the past, our elevator has been known to stop between floors, so she walks up a flight of stairs. I live by the front door of our building at the entrance. In the morning, I take her newspaper down to her and hang it on her door knob for her.

I don't always do it if I sleep late or have to go somewhere, but it is a little thing I do to help out.


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Friendly Neighborhood

Yesterday, I drove my neighbor to a doctor's office for a procedure.

It took about two hours, but I did not mind. One month, when I had had heel surgery and couldn't drive, this neighbor had kindly driven me to physical therapy every week!

Another neighbor also helped me during that same surgery. She once left something at the airport, and I drove down to retrieve it.

In this way, in our apartment building, we all help each other. I feel blessed to have such wonderful, loving neighbors!

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