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Smile Cards Transform Nigerian Kids!

Finally, It was a good wait. After expecting my smile card for a long time and finally got it, the joy I felt overwhelmed me and I guess that openned me to exactly what to use it for. Where I worship I am a lead teacher in the kids kingdom (the way we call them) and those kids are very special to me. It's a quarterly afair and I was in my last quarter. So I thought to myself after taken this little saints for a whole quarter; teaching, correcting, helping, admonishing and putting them through in life as they grow up to mix with the rest of the world, I thought it wise that since am leaving, let me do something simple but special for them. And so I designed a certificate of honour to each kid according to their areas of strenghts, bought them pencils, chocolates and the smile cards. ... Read Full Story >>

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I Feel Special When I Speak About Kindness

It is amazing how kindness opens your life experinces to beauty and essence. After I got my smile cards, I thought to myself, "Let me extend this grace to my colleagues in the office."  We do have a 'devotional' every Mondays in my office and we have a roster for the next staff to anchor it so I waited for my turn to share the story of my smile cards. When the faithful day came, I gave a whole talk and I got a standing ovation!  All hands clapping for me including my Managing Director and several remarks afterwards. I told them about my life (who I am) and asked them at intervals to think about who they are too. I made several efforts to open and remind them of who they are as beings but with a mind of wanting to help them see the essence of living. I shared about ... Read Full Story >>

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