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Lessons Learned from Lavender Lilacs

I  was strolling by some lavender colored lilacs which were clustered alongside the sidewalk yesterday on the way to catch a ride with my neighbor who was joining me for a community dinner gathering. The quiet and soft movement of the little flowers as they danced in the breeze just made me pause for a moment. I looked at them swaying in the breeze as if they were alive and happy. I thought about how it would feel to make another human being alive and happy like those lilacs...  It was Mother's Day and although I was many continents away from my mother, I thought about my neighbor, who is a mother too. In fact, a mother of two. In addition to wanting to express my thanks to her for giving me a ride to the upcoming evening gathering, I scrambled back home with my new idea unfolding in my ... Read Full Story >>

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Volunteer Taxi Service

Since I own a car and most of my friends do not, I feel very blessed to be able to pick them up and drop them off wherever needed.

It's a small thing but I'm always available for giving rides.  And everyone is so very grateful that it makes me want to help them more.

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Flowers in the Communal Hall

I was thinking that it would be nice to put some flowers on the table in my communal hall in the block of flats where I live so when my neighbours get their post (mail) they will be able to see the flowers and maybe smile.

Recently, I was visiting a friend and she gave me a lovely bunch of daffodils she had brought from a neighbour's house.

Immediately, I put these on the table in my communal hallway thinking that the universe really does provide and how grateful I was.

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Kindness Unfolds in the Now

I wanted to mention how letting other people enter in traffic is such a small kind gesture but it goes a very long way. I love being kind and letting people enter in traffic, but I noticed that I can only do this if I am in the moment. When I am caught up in all of my thoughts then I totally don't even see the people waiting to pull out. I've realized what a difference it makes to be in the 'now' in order to clearly see opportunities to be kind to others.

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Kindness For My Neighbour

The other day my neighbour was having a mental breakdown. I am new to the street and have only met her very briefly a few times. She lives right next door and was having some strange behaviour. We noticed she had left her radio on all night so my boyfriend suggested we should check on her to see if she was OK. i spent a few hours with her as she was clearly confused and having a hard time. Her sister came down to pick her up the next day to care for her. I felt so good that i spent some time with her as I know it made a big difference to her.

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Bumper Kindness

The other day I was picking up my mother.  As I waiting for her, I parked the car and went shopping for a bit.  I was probably gone for an hour or so. 

When I got back to my car,  there was a note on my windscreen saying that they had accidently scraped my bumper on the back of my car!

The note said they had waited nearly an hour but had to go, and they were sorry and left their number and said to call them.

What honesty and kindness!

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