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Gifting a Much-needed Book

A young hard-working girl works with me, and I see a passion in her eyes.

One particular day during our conversation she shared that she is preparing for a competitive exam and mentioned to me about a particular book which she was unable to afford. She is a working girl and I understood her parents were not allowing her to buy the book.

I immediately asked her to show me the book at Amazon and ordered it for her.She was a little hesitant, but when the book arrived I was very happy and grateful that I could afford a book which will help her in studies.

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Offering A Tender Coconut To A Security Guard

It was a hot afternoon in Chennai, India and we wanted to have tender coconut water.

Just as we were drinking it, I noticed a security guard who was working hard in the sun helping people to park their cars.

As I went up to pay, I paid an extra amount for the security person to have some, too, as he was exhausted like us.

It made me feel happy to be able to gift him nice, cool coconut water on a hot Chennai day.

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