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Prayer Gram

We go to a wonderful church with wonderful people who I love so dearly. We have a lot of faithful ladies who do whatever they can to help you out or just give an inspiring word. One lady who I love so much has been having a hard time lately. I hadn't seen her in a week or so and I decided to send her a prayer gram. Inside I told her how we always get so caught up helping others that we sometimes forget to pray for ourselves once in a while. And I believe that is the time when God layes you on someone else's heart to remind them to pray for you. I wanted to tell her that I thought of her, said a prayer for her and sent some love her way. I hoped it helped and sent it to her in the mail. Yesterday at church ... Read Full Story >>

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Seeing A Handful Of Pennies

While getting a couple of things at a local gas station, I noticed a girl walk in and pay for her gas. She caught my attention with her very very green hair. I remembered 10 years ago when I dyed my hair purple ... and loved it!! She apologized for the cashier having to count her change as she put down a handful of pennies and a couple of nickels. She said "Believe it or not, this is suppost to get me home" At that time I was getting my change back from my purchase ($2.00) and not having anything else to give her, I gave her my last two dollars, knowing I wouldn't need them. Plus I had a full tank of gas ... and I had been where she was. She looked at me with such a surprised look on her face. She thanked me and you could tell ... Read Full Story >>

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