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A Hungry Stranger

Many years ago I was traveling to our home in Calabash, NC all alone from Charleston, SC.
I needed fuel so I stopped at a gas station/convenience store. As the car was filling, I saw a young man going from one car to another asking for money for food.

I was hoping that he would get to me soon because I wanted to help him. No one gave him anything and I couldn't wait to help him. My car was full and as I attended to it I saw the guy heading toward the road with his head slumped down.

I quickly ran to catch him and took him into the store. I quickly looked to see what kind of food was available and picked out 2 hotdogs (everyone likes hotdogs-right?) Then found the cold bottled soft drinks and gave him his choice. I then paid the cashier and went on my way.

What struck me the most was that the stranger never came to me on his own. I so wanted to help him!

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Appreciation for Medical Care

I am meeting with an oncologist (cancer doctor) this Friday. A very good medical crew discovered the cancer and followed through, placing me with the right channels to get me to the right places at the necessary times. They even called me three or four times to be sure I was OK. To show my appreciation, I bought a selection of my favorite doughnuts and took them to doctor's office at 9AM when they opened.


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