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Engaging with Street Dogs

This dog (I call him Bhairavan) lives behind my house and seems to guard this emerging home. Street dogs tend to bark defensively at people they don't make out.

When I fake anger and let out a fake scowl in the darkness, I can see Bhairavan's tail wag. It's fun because this fellow acknowledges me silently after all the alerting barks.

I love a lady dog on the street that loves me for giving her time.  Each time I pet her, another dog comes between me and her. I ask him, aren't you my favorite jealous bum?  And I take turns between both. He will put his whole body weight on me if I don't pet him. I love the way he asks for love.

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Gifting A Corona Warrior

John, the Corona volunteer, saw to it that my mother had one test and me two done for free (each costing Rs 900/- when done at a private hospital). I am glad that we got our initial tests done in a week's time after my arrival. All credit goes to John.

He also saw to it that my mother was screened for blood and chest once she tested positive for Corona. He went a step ahead and ensured I was vaccinated yesterday, too. Again, all for free.

I gifted him a small sum he could use to buy books or stationery or whatever he deems useful as a student in his second year for a Bachelor's in Computer administration. Rich kids do not volunteer. Poor kids volunteer to shoulder their parents' burden here.

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The Shopkeeper and Honesty

My shopkeeper forgot to add the price of an extra juice bottle, so I kindly mentioned this to her and she corrected the amount. She was so happy for my honesty. 

And here is a server from a house nearby who always offers me the gift of his big smile whenever he sees me. We greet each other with waves and hellos.

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Kind Thoughts Even for Trash 🙏

Each time I put out the packaging materials, cartons and newspapers, I see to it that I fold and tuck them neatly in bags wherever possible because they served a purpose and they will continue to do so. Why trash recklessly? Even trash is a profession, a major one, both within the precincts of the body and the mind and without, isn't it? So I don't take this critical function lightly. I enjoy adding dignity to trash.

I resumed the chore of giving out incense by handing out a white cedar box to my delivery boy. He was surprised and asked 'is it for me?' I said 'yes' with a 😊 He was not expecting it but I was planning to give this box of incenses to him for a few days. The boy has releived the elderly caterer of the job of delivering.

I handed out one more box to the delivery man from the restaurant who brings me food to on days when the caterer does not visit. One Mr John always takes my orders. The second box is for him 😋

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Kindness Is An Opportunity 💕

Gave a big hug to my flower lady when I saw her the day before. Saw her daughter too. Have requested her to be there by her mother whenever she feels strong. And I asked my flower lady to be there by her daughter if she feels stronger. After all, a mother and a daughter are grieving. My flower lady's delivers flowers the last few days. He's 30 years old. I am sure my flower lady would want him to get married. Thinking of her.

She has let me know that she will call me so that I go drop a garland on her husband's photo. I said yes. I am sure that will make her happy.

Others: The lad that came today to give a demo for the new washing machine was very patient and descriptive. Gave out an incense box to him. He smiled. I kissed my old machine before I let her go. Despite all the neglect, she served my parents for 14.5 years. We in India are yet to get into use and throw culture. We live with our machines for years and I like that ... And it was cute when my organic store kids reminded me of the sugar candies that have come. I had long enquired about it. Felt special that I already chewed a tub of candy once it arrived 😋 God bless these kids.

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Some More Soaps To Give Away

An employee of the sanitation department showed up at the doorstep. He was spreading awareness on segregating waste between degradable and non-degradable. Bless him.
He also insisted that I share my contact details. While I politely refused to share details, I saw to it that I handed him soaps for the sanitation workers. While he was not happy that I didn't want to share details, he was still happy that I gave him soaps. We bid adieu with a smile unto each other. Corona's on the rise in India. Stay safe peeps.

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Lil Bits For Oct 20

Handed out pairs of soap to sanitation and construction workers. They also asked for masks that I may provide next time. They are making fertilizers out of unused vegetable waste and food. I intend to buy their fertilizer and use it in the future. I also want to learn how to make fertilizer out of cat poop.  An altercation happened at the mobile payment office between an older man (customer) and a younger woman staff. I heard both sides calmly and tried my best to diffuse the aged person's frustration and the younger woman's distress. Patience is truly a virtue. Had my third round of the rabies vaccine yesterday. Waiting for the cat bag to arrive so I can carry my lil one around ... no point in her being home alone when she`s awake. After I get the cat bag, she can come with me for walks in the morning and the ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude and Relaxation 🎈

After 47 days of agonizing wait, M saw to it that the final outstanding sum was identified with the Telecom company within 4 working days. Phew 😅

I handed my favourite incense box to this young lady who put my stress to an end. I sat in the Basilica nearby for some time and felt overwhelming gratitude to the Divine for settling this finally. Took another route to sight-see my city and bought hot snacks on my way back home for both me and mum. Now is the best time to curl up like a cat and sleep 😴

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Kind Bits

Handed out a Holi gift box to my security's family for Deepavali so that the kids can try their hand on Rangoli (beautiful geometrical designs on the ground). We use rice flour in my town but since I am not able to do these, I handed out the organic colours for the lil girls of the security try then with the help of their mother. I buy snacks and sweets from my elderly caterer to give business to his relative? I hope to connect with the plant guy and fix plants in the city shortly. This is how I wish to give back to my hometown. Hopefully next week 🙏

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Flurry Of Kindness 🙏

I got fed up waiting for my flower man to pick the stuff at home. So, I trotted down the street and visited my flower lady. I gave her due. And she mentioned how her brother gives her sleepless nights. He met with accident apparently and recovering slowly. Her grandson was next to her. 13? 14? I thrust the loose cash in her hands asking her to buy some snacks for the kids. She has promised to come sell the stuff on Saturday, the proceeds of which will only be used towards cleaning the apt. These guys have always been sincere to me. I love her body language. She gets annoyed when I fuss about paying her late. I went out after a long time.
My shopkeeper from the nearby shop has gone absconding again. Handed out a box of incense stick to him and his employee. Sweet girl. Complimented another employee who was wearing gold on her dark brown skin: she looked a star ... I let her know and she was very happy. And she was a true star when she smiled. My grumpy security fellow is back. He opened gate for me. I said thank you to him. A genuine one. He smiled. God bless. Now, off to counting my blessings, which is myriads for the day 😉😉😉

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Uplifting Independence Day

My shopkeeper from nearby is my junior from my sister's school by 3 years. He now runs a school for children from blue-collared families here in India. So, I donated a small sum to him now.
Why? Tying a flag on my balcony grill or tucking a flag on my kurta is no big deal. Showering tri-coloured flowers on India's red fort is no big deal either. These are certainly nice gestures but not enough. But to help uplift ones that will genuinely benefit out of today feels right. I am yapping not of me but of children that will benefit from my shopkeeper's efforts. The poor deserve to live just like us. That's the wicked plan like how Blackadder says to Baldrick 😋

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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Spreading joy

Handed out an incense box to my security guy. I discovered that he has two daughters. K and C. I only knew C. C is a sweet child. Asked him to let both go to the nearby government school.

Had to visit the telecom company to pay money. The young bubbly girl's eyes lit up when she saw me. I crack jokes with her whenever I see her. Once the payment go through, I thrust a small sum to drink sugarcane juice. She refused initially but I told, I am giving with all love. Quench the summer heat. She couldn't refuse. YES 😁

The monsoon season should come anytime. The weather will be officially half-Dutch weather then. Looking forward 😉😉😉

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A Rain Drop 💧

A former staff member of a bank called me up. He's been laid permanently. Since he took care of handing funds to father for 12 odd years, I transferred some money to him

Then moved over to my snack shop at the corner and found a young girl Yamini. She has promised to hand out recycled pens to the poor kids on my behalf.

Then went to the appliance shop and saw to it that I handed am incense box to S. All smiled. Cute. Now on my way to hand over an envelope that' is not mine to an insurance company.

Now that I have become slightly better, thanking the opportunities to help others. We don't need to be a Mount Everest. We can be a rain drop 😎

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