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Wooden Necklace From A Dollar Store

One day I went to work wearing this wooden necklace and earring set. One of my colleagues commented on the set and asked me if I would get  the same exact set for her.  "Absolutely," I said.

When I went to the store, I thought of another teacher who might like the set too and another who might like a wooden braclet that I saw.  I took the items to work and gave each of them the item, when I saw them individually.

When I presented the item to each of them, they each wanted to know the cost, and I said it was no cost. It was so amazing to see the smile come to each of their faces when I gave them the item. I smiled too, as it made me feel good to see them smile and to have done something good.

I also learned a valuable lesson that value is not always measured  in how expensive or how much or how little you pay for something -- these wooden items were purchased in a super dollar store.

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When Little Doug Comes Home!

"When Little Doug Comes Home".  For as long as I can remember, that was the statement that my mother, myself and my two sisters shared.  My father was Big Doug, Douglas Senior.  And my brother was Little Doug, Douglas Junior.  My father passed away eight years ago, and my mother had always hoped for times "when Little Doug comes home."  After Little Doug was discharged from the Armed Forces, he was based in California and would always take all his vacation time to come home.  And then, on October 18th, 2006, my one and only brother, Little Doug, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. We were all deeply saddened by  his sudden passing.  I am hoping to one day retire and I will celebrate him and I trust that one day we will all be united together and Little Doug will finally come home. Since my brother passed so suddenly, I now value life and  I ... Read Full Story >>

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