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New Horizons, Friends and Possibilities

I was invited to a three-day retreat in New Jersey. I didn't want to go because I was working, and it didn't really call my attention from the beginning.  My friend insisted I go and the church made a request to my employer on my behalf.  I felt really important, so I decided to go. We travelled and spent the first night in a hotel. There were so many people. The environment was so lovely everybody was very kind. We attended mass first thing in the morning then at break I was alone. I saw somebody else who was alone and I approached the girl to ask if  she needed help with her wheelchair. She said: "okay", in shy way. We selected our food and chose a table, the only available and we sat together. We spoke a lot about pretty much anything. I was so open to her and after a few laughs she ... Read Full Story >>

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Let Sleeping Friends Lie

Friday morning, spring time, nice whether, living in a tourist place, is a very busy day for those who work in a hotel. Three teenagers came to visit New York, and again in a very busy day of work there is no early check in available for anyone that comes before 12pm. They were really tired and they just wanted to have a little rest and then go back around the city to visit some places and have a good time. We would start having rooms after 12 pm, but the time that they arrived was 9 am.There are couches in the lobby so they decided to wait until there's a room available, siting on the sofa and waiting for the room with their eyes opened.  They ended up sleeping together on the sofa, like real friends with no secrets between them(or at least that's how I felt about them). I turned down the ... Read Full Story >>

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The Song of Joy in the Midst of Tiredness.

When I came to the USA I started to work as an electrician, with an Albanian man. We used to work a lot, and every day after work we had to do the cleaning (which was my dutty). Sometimes the work was demolition, and the mess to be cleaned was a lot. I remember how much I hated to end up drenched in dust and with dust in my throat. He used to notice that even though I wouldn't complain nor say a word. He would always notice. When I was cleaning, he would sing a song: "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up" with a nice tone of voice to make me feel better. Plus that funny accent of his. That was just enough to go through the whole afternoon and a difficult day at work. After hearing him singing that I used to automatically start to sing with him. That would ... Read Full Story >>

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Breakfast served to a little king

One morning I was at home with not much to do, when a child from the street came and asked for food.
I told to wait, then I went in and prepared a feast. Boiled egg, bread, coffe with milk and that. I gave him, he enjoyed and then left. Other day I did the same with someone else when my friends were with me, the envioroment was weird, that I remember. But afterwards they thanked me for being kind to him.
Have a good morning everyone. Wishing great things, rely on God and he will provide.

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