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A Simple Card For a Beautician

This week I felt I wanted to treat myself to some ‘beautician treatment’. I am house bound, so knew that I’d have to pay for the beautician to travel to our place, but that was okay by me, after all this was a treat.   That day I had an appointment made, and was expecting at least a 2 week wait, but to my surprise, was told she’d be here at 3:30 that same day. She came by, and spent an hour with me, when she was finished, I handed her $50; $30 for treatment, $20 for petrol and traveling time. She turned to me, and handed me back the $20 and said ‘don’t worry about the travel’.   I am unable to talk, so was left to convey my gratefulness and appreciation with my eyes and a warm smile. She politely left, smiling, but I didn’t feel satisfied. Did she really know how grateful I was ... Read Full Story >>

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A Compassion Buddy Overseas

I have a friend who I was put into contact with through my Narrative Therapist. She is also unwell and under going huge hardships. We live in different countries, and our situations are quite different from one another. But despite this, we find we can connect to each others hearts through a few compassionate words. Each day, we send each other something to 'lift' one another up. Whether it be the lyrics to an inspirational song, a capturing quote, or just some thoughtful, comforting words. The impact this has on me is incredible. And it works two ways- the fact that I've made her feel good, makes me feel good inside, and the fact that she's made me feel good, makes her feel good. I guess I'm trying to say- a compassionate heart is the most priceless thing in the world. And to be compassionate, you do not need to 'know', you need not understand, ... Read Full Story >>

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My Nurse's Special Birthday Gift

Last month it was my nurse's birthday. She has been caring for me since August 2006. Through the months, we have built an amazing bond. She has been there for me, and has helped me over so many hurdles its unbelievable. She's my rock in every way. I wanted to do something special for her birthday, to show her how much she means to me. Being confined to my bed, I can't go out shopping for a gift. So I was left to use my imagination and the materials in my room. But I was determined to make an unforgettable gift. I found an old shoe box, and got a bunch of my old girlie magazines, and spent 4 days cutting and pasting carefully selected items onto the box, creating an intricate collage. Each piece reflected in some way or another, our friendship. To finish it off, I put a photo of us ... Read Full Story >>

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Jacqui's Ring of Generosity

During one particular hospital stay in November 2006, I met an incredible lady, who I will always remember. Her kindness, and big heart, touched me in a life changing way. I was lying in bed in my room, gazing mindlessly at the bustling people pacing past my door in the corridor. I quite enjoyed this. I’d see all sorts of people; elderly patients walking slowly but intently, their eyes focused on the ground that their feet would soon walk over; frazzled nurse’s striding past clutching their paperwork, cheerful bubbly children. Quite often some one would cast a glance my way and smile, but no one ever came in. However, this one afternoon, a patient who was heading back to her room next door to me, caught my eye and stopped. She came to my door and smiled. I greeted her with a friendly smile and she came in. She sat by my ... Read Full Story >>

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"Making it Our Own"

We have just moved house, and there are boxes every where. My sister and I take a lot of pride in our places, and love to make it ‘our own’, with pictures on the wall, ornaments out, and things put away tidily. My sister’s room was by far the worst, a total bombsite, as she had packed everything up in 1 rushed hour. Clothes were everywhere, stuffed in random bags and boxes, shoes, bags, cosmetics just scattered every where. She has a busy job, working 5 days a week,and comes home from work totally drained. She was keen to unpack her room and get it organized, and tried to do little bits after work, but just didn't have the time and energy, so just left it.   That weekend, she went out for the day. I went into her room, and got to work. At first I hesitated, I had no idea where ... Read Full Story >>

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Just A Text Message

One of my main ways of communicating to the outside world is texting. I feel really blessed by the wonderful people I have in my life, and each day I just feel so grateful for them.
Through out the week, I randomly text these special people, saying something thoughtful and nice, sometimes its long, other times, it’s just a short sweet message, saying good night and wishing them a sweet sleep.   
These small messages have such a wonderful affect on them. Sometime I won’t see that person for a week or more, and the first thing they say to me, is thank you for the beautiful text you sent me last week.
It’s just a small act of kindness I can do for other people, it’s just awesome randomly letting people know how much I appreciate them and are grateful for them, for no reason or occasion, just because I can.

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