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Creativity As A By-Product of Connection

I only had one student today, but it was still a great day. I stayed and talked to his mom for almost an hour about her soap making business. She is redoing and upgrading her product line and wanted to bounce some ideas off of me. We had so much fun talking about how she could create a better line. 

When I got home, I was laying there quietly for a little while when all these ideas popped up in my head. Yes, my racing mind hits again. I got up called her and we talked for another 45 minutes or so. She is a young, single mother raising this lovely boy. She works a full time job but has such a passion for her soap making (all natural) that I want to encourage her in every way that I can. I love these connections with some of the parents I work with. 

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2 Surgeries, 1 Household

Today was such a peaceful day. I went to see my friend and her boyfriend earlier in the day. She is getting her kidney stone removed later this week and I wanted to spend some time with her before the operation. Her boyfriend is recovering from his own surgery from 2 weeks ago. I brought her a sweet lapis pendant and some earrings. She in turn sent me home with a cake (not that I needed it! :)). I had a small piece and it was delicious. I plan to share some of it with others tomorrow.

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Burned Out But Happy

My day started off by getting a text from one of the mothers I work with. She told me that what I taught her son in math on Monday, was the topic his teacher started on Tuesday. She was really grateful that I had taken him ahead so he already understood the concept.

I got home around 8 tonight after a grueling session with my 8th grader and my phone rang. It was my ex-student who is in college. He had a paper due to send to his teacher by 11:30 tonight. He asked me to check it for him .

It was 5 pages long, but I did it for him. I always told him I would be there for him and since I got him through middle and high school, I have to help him finish up college. He told me he wanted to work with me this summer to help him to improve his writing.

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Sat. Giving

Today was a good day for giving away things. I was off today and had time to wait for people to pick up things. I gave away a bag of books and the woman from the org. that collects clothes,etc. for women coming out of prison, came and picked up 3 bags of things. Feel lighter already.

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Saturday Sweets

Before work, I went to the post office. My friend there told me they have been working overtime because they are short-staffed. I could see that they looked very tired. I pulled out some mini chocolate bars from my bag and passed them out to the workers, in an attempt to brighten their day just a little bit.

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Having Faith In Human Kindness

The highlight of my day was seeing Lauren, a woman without a home at this time. I brought her the bag of things I had prepared including things from Sister Ann. It was snowing when I got to see her. We talked as the snow came down around us.

She told me that she was grateful for her homelessness (in a way) because it has made her faith in God stronger. She said that she had to find something to be grateful out of this whole ordeal. We also talked about how it could happen to anyone at any time. Her words really touched me.

She asked how I was feeling and thanked me so much for helping them. I was going into the supermarket and asked if she wanted anything, she said she was good, that someone had bought her dinner. That is one of the things I like about her, she doesn't ask for what she doesn't need. I am truly glad to call her my friend.


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Gratitude For My Friend

One of my close friends met me at the vet clinic to sit and hold my hand. We both weren't sure I would be bringing my cat Marley home. I went back to her house for a little while he was sleeping and we talked, which helped keep my mind off of things. I was really grateful for her company. 

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Big Smile

Today I did a few little things: I thanked the bus drivers for my safe trip. I helped a woman hold her baby while she was struggling to open up the stroller. I gave many a person a big genuine smile. I also left a smile card for someone to find it.

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Going over and above

I had an important meeting to get to today but it was in Queens and I had no way to get there. My friend who is working part-time now offered to take me. She couldn't find parking so she waited in the car for almost an hour for me. So grateful for her kindness.

After it was over, I took her out to lunch to thank her. She took me home and then went to work. It was good catching up and spending some time with her.

Later in the day, I dropped by the church and donated a few things to their community table.

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Cold In Nyc

Kind of self care day today. It was very cold out so I didn't want to spend much time outside. I also cleaned up my house today. Fed my outside kitties, feel so bad for them to be so cold out there.
My friend called me and asked if she could use some of the cat food she had ordered for me(I had already paid for it). She didn't have enough food for the cats she feeds outside. I told her to take 1/2 of the case. I am seeing her tomorrow, I am going to try to leave her some money.

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Wed Kindness

Today I had day off so I tried to spread a little kindness around. I left some magazines at my library, fed my sweet Ebony and left a few things on the table to the homeless at the church on the corner.

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