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Cell Phone For A Construction Worker

I was in a convenience store the other day and overheard a man asking the clerk about using a telephone.  He was dressed pretty rough ... he was a construction worker. 

I left the store before I heard the clerk's answer, but I saw the guy leave the store and stand there looking around.  I called out to him and asked if he needed to use a phone?  He said yes, that he had left his cell phone at home and needed to call his wife.  I told him he could use my cell phone. 

From his surprised reaction you would have thought I had offered him the moon, not just the use of a cell phone!  I gave him my phone, he called his wife, and gave my phone back along with a big Thank You!  I smiled and gave him one of the Smile Cards.  He read it and loved it!

I have to say it was a little sad that he was so surprised by such a small act of kindness, but I'm so glad that I got to be the one to remind him that there are nice people in the world!

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A Smile For Ice Cream

I received my Smile cards and was looking for a chance to use them.  I was in the Albuquerque airport on my way back to Colorado and decided to get some ice cream.

As I was paying, a young woman came up and placed an order.  I pretended to count my change and generally waste time until the clerk told the woman how much she owed.  I quickly fished out the money, gave it to the clerk, handed the very surprised woman one of my new Smile cards, wished her a good day and left!  The smile on the clerk's face and the confused/changing to surprised face on the woman was so much fun and I hope the Smile card is now out there circulating!

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Donuts at the Gas Pump

Yesterday morning on my way to work I stopped at our local gas station to fill up my gas tank.  While paying inside I also picked up a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and a handful of napkins.  I then went outside and offered donuts and napkins to everyone who was pumping gas into their cars. 

If they took a donut I also gave them a Smile card.  It was so much fun!  One truck had a couple of burly construction workers inside. The driver apparently was inside paying.  I offered donuts to the two guys who eagerly took one and then asked if they could take one for their buddy -- nice of them to think of him, too, huh?!  The only downside was that I ended up with three leftover donuts and guess who ended up eating them?  I couldn't let them go to waste! :)


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