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Welcome To The Kindness Family, Granddaughter-in-law.

My grandson will be getting married soon and my new granddaughter-to-be stopped by to pick up a TV that I was giving to a cousin. 

After the TV was loaded into the car we got talking about this and that and I found out she needed baking sheets. 
I went to the cupboard, took out two new sheets, and gave them to her. Of course, I didn't mention that they were intended to replace my own old battered ones. 
I figure mine will last a bit longer. She was delighted and I got to do a good deed!


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Flames of Gratitude

The other day, my husband and I found out that his co-worker's house caught on fire and suffered major damages. 

We wanted to reach out and support their family, but debated whether or not we could afford to donate to the collection. 

Then it occurred to me that, even though I don't have enough to pay our bills this week, these people don't have clothes to send their daughter to school the next day!!

With gratitude for all that we have, we donated $50 to the family, and will find a way to make due for the coming week.

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Tending a Garden With Love

I know my daughter loves the fresh veggies from her garden but often her garden becomes overgrown with weeds because she doesn't have time to tend to it.  I have made a habit of caring for her garden and love to see how happy she is when she notices the freshly turned soil, all weed-free and watered. I can't always do this because it depends on how much my arthritis is acting up, but it's such a joy to do it when I can.  

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Buy A Book, Share A Book


I bought a book at the dollar store. While I was at the check-out the young cashier became very interested in the book and asked if their were more copies.
Unfortunately, that was the last one. 
After paying for my book I saw the manager and walked over to him. I gave him the receipt and the book, asking him to give it to the cashier. (I didn't know if she'd get in trouble if I gave it directly to her.)
I think it made both the manager's and cashier's day. They had smiles from ear to ear and I had a smile in my heart.


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Really See Those Who Serve Us

After spending much time at the hospital with my 90 yr. old mother-in-law who fell and fractured her hip yesterday, we went out to finally have something to eat at 9:30 pm. The server was very busy all by himself and preparing to close but was kind and served us well without knowing our circumstance for such a late dinner. Before we left, I went up and gave him a generous tip even though this restaurant requires no tipping. At first he refused but I insisted and he was very appreciative. It made us both very happy to end our day with smiles.

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Smile Cards

I mailed SmileCards for KindSpring. :) I LOVE doing this, and appreciate the gentle reminder with offer of help when I get too busy and forget to check for who wants cards. This is the greatest group with which to volunteer!

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Shopping to donate to the local food pantry

I went shopping for the single purpose of buying items to donate to the food pantry. In the past, I have only donated from my cupboard... basically unwanted or unneeded items. This is the first time I have shop specifically to donate and it felt SO GOOD!

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Above and Beyond

I read that somebody needed  minor help to get her heating furnace running. She lived in a poorer section of the town in a mobile home park.

In order to help her, I asked my husband if he could do the repair. I knew he had done this in the past for our furnace. He accepted and went to the next town over, fixed the furnace and took no money for doing so.

She had been without heat for two days in a below freezing weather! I was very happy that I read her message and could arrange for my husband to help her out.

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Thank a Veteran

 I have created and printed what I call my "Hero Cards" and give them out to veterans that I see in public places, thanking them for their service to our country, or I place them on the driver's side window of cars with veterans plates. I don't usually see the drivers find them but on occasion I do, and love the expressions on their faces. My cards read "My Heartfelt Thanks to You, Veteran. In a world where there seems to be fewer heroes please know that you will always be one in my eyes. From a Fellow American."   


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Treating A Veteran

I saw an elderly man and his wife eating lunch. He was wearing a Korean War Veteran cap. I secretly gave the waitress a card I had made up that says: My heartfelt thanks to you, Veteran. In a world where there seems to be fewer heroes, please know that you will always be one in my eyes. From a Fellow American. I also gave her money to pay for their meal.

I overheard them say, "This made our day!" and that was all I needed to make make MY day!

I had three employees comment to me that they thought that was so nice. I hope I made enough impression so maybe they would do something similar one day.

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School Supplies For Children

With the help of others, I organized a collection of school supplies. Forty backpacks filled with school supplies were donated to needy children, along with two boxes of school supplies for teachers with a total value of approximately $1,100. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we work together!

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Warm Thanks for Veterans

I am currently collecting and making afghans and shawls and collecting toiletries for our veterans in a nursing home. So far, I have 35 afghans and 10 shawls as well as various other items. These will be used as Christmas gifts for the veterans. I put out the word to let others know I'm collecting so hope to have many more by the end of November.

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Walking for fundraisers

I've not been posting my stories and I'm sorry about that. I did walk over 70 miles for Mission 22, 30 miles for Pancreatic Cancer Research and many miles for St. Jude's raising funds with each fundraising walk. This makes me very happy as well as helping out these groups.

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Little Acts Add Up

I donated food and clothing to the church collection sites.
I have walked to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research.
I worked on yet another afghan which will become a Christmas gift for a veteran in the Soldiers' Home.
I watered my daughter's garden plants and am feeding the fish and guppy while they are away for the holiday weekend.
I try to do at least one act of kindness every day.

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Helping neighbors

I read that a local city was looking for donations for Manna Meals (restaurants sponsor free meals for those in need). I decided even though I don't live there that I could afford to call and donate one meal. This made my heart happy.

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Sharing a Loved Possession With Another

My daughter's sister-in-law mentioned a few weeks ago that she would like to have jewelry with turquoise stone. When I saw her yesterday, I gifted her a cross I had purchased years ago in the southwest which has turquoise stones. She was surprised and delighted. It wasn't new and it meant a lot to me (for personal reasons) but I knew it was time to share and make somebody else happy.

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Thank you cards to veterans

I completed 50 thank you cards for the service of our veterans, to be given out at the Soldiers' Home on Veterans Day. I will try to do more. Our group did 1000 cards last year and it would be nice to meet that goal again this year.

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