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A 5 Year Old's Extra Special Birthday Kindness

My wonderful  grand daughter just turned five. We always have a party for her with all of our friends and family. I am often a little embarrassed by all the riches received by her.  I thought that this year, with her parents blessing, we could do something different. A nearby elementary school was devastated by fire over the summer and lost nineteen classrooms and the library.  I thought we could use  this birthday to create an opportunity for Lily, even at the young age of five, to understand service to others. The day before her party we drove to the school and took her on a tour of the devastation. Since Lily has been attending nursery she understood the concept of school and seeing the burned buildings helped her understand why we wanted to help. We asked the party-goers to bring donations of books for the school instead of a present. Of course people still brought Lily ... Read Full Story >>

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Earplugs for all!

This last weekend, my sweetie and I went to the San Jose Grand Prix. We are used to be around racing so we know that it's really important to have ear plugs at the ready.  We decided to carry a lot of extras and give them out to (mostly) kids. Then we thought why not add a smile card. It was the highlight of the weekend to give out the earplugs and tell the kids with a smile card, to pass it on!

Something I dearly love about my hometown, San Jose, is that it truly is a melting pot. The diversity is what makes my city so great.  Watching all kinds of people enjoy the races was really fun because even young "cool" men in their 20s had huge smiles on their faces and were really enjoying themselves. Their true, unmasked selves were showing and they were beautiful to see!

Lucky me to live here!

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