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A Simple Person's Simple Ways to Become a Better Human Being

Last night in the train, I was reflecting on how I make a concious effort to improve myself every day and came up with this in my notebook: 1) When I see someone doing a good gesture/behavior or I read a good qoute, then  2) I make a mental picture of that moment then 3) I  appreciate that person by saying or by sending an email then 4) I look for the first opportunity to apply it in my actions then 5) I act on it and feel good. And of course pat myself. Sometimes, I share this whole sequence with a few dear friends. 6) For the past 12 years or so, in my daily prayers I ask GOD to give me a chance to do something good. Recently, as I have started visiting a temple frequently in Delhi, I sit in front of the statue and tell God that I am leaving my bad things there and ... Read Full Story >>

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The Gift of Home Cooked Meals for an Old Lady

I sometimes see an elderly woman along the road across from my house. Finally, I have been able to reach out to her with daily meals. At first, I would giver her some money everyday to get some food from a nearby shop but I realised that did not suit her.  I thought that maybe this old lady needed home-cooked food, so now I provide her lunch everyday instead.  Today, I got meet this woman. I sat with her on the road to just check how she was.  The moment she saw me approaching, she wished me well with folded hands and I said "namaste" to her. I introduced myself and she said she knew I was the one giving her food.  We talked for 30 minutes. She told that she came to Delhi in 1974 to work as a domestic helper to an Anglo-Indian family from Bangalore. After some years, the family moved abroad and she continued working in different houses. Seven years ago she met with an accident and used up all ... Read Full Story >>

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Blessings From A Special Lunch Guest

Today I had a special person over for lunch. I returned home this morning, after a week long trip to Pondicherry. I had come down with a fever and was resting. I woke up with a knock at my door and realised my land lady had come over.  While she was entering, I heard her asking someone,"Why are you sitting here?" An old frail voice replied, "Madam gives me food, so I am sitting here waiting for food."  My land lady came inside. I went out and wished the old lady "Amma" well and enquired about her welfare. My land lady was giving me questioning looks whilst watching my interaction with Amma. When lunch was ready, I asekd Amma to come inside to eat, but she refused, she said that she sits out daily and that was okay for her. I told her that as I was at home today and that she was a guest in my home, she should come inside.  Amma came in and had lunch. I told her to rest in the room. ... Read Full Story >>

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An Opportunity to Help Someone Like My Mother

I was visiting a friend in Delhi yesterday, together we went to visit a temple. While my friend was parking the car outside the temple, I saw an old woman asking for money from the people in the car next to ours. They ignored her, the car just pulled out of parking and drove off. I took out some money to give her. When I got off the car, I saw that the woman was using a walker support to help her walk and she looked quite troubled.  I went up to her and asked what her problem was. She said that she needed money to get to the hospital. I patted her on the shoulder and gave her enough money so that she could hire a rickshaw and go comfortably instead of taking public transport, which can be very bad in India. When we returned from the temple, she again walked up to us with ... Read Full Story >>

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Calling In A Neighbourly Favour For A Friend

Two days back when I was travelling to Delhi I received a phone call from a friend late in the night. She had missed her train from my home town Lucknow to India's financial capital Mumbai and had nowhere to go. I was not in town but I wanted to help this friend for three reasons :

1) She had phoned with hope and trust that I would help
2) She had helped me in the past
3) It was an opportunity for me to do an act of kindness. Vow !!!

I immediately called my neighbour (who is a very fine human being ) and said that I was sending this friend for a night stayover. My friend reached around midnight and you know what she got when she arrived: she was greeted with a hot cup of tea, a cozy bed, breakfast the next morning and contact details of a travel agent to rebook her train ticket.  

I have written this to express my gratitude and thank my neighbor  who did so much for a stranger, that too at odd hours. May her tribe increase!

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Why Mothers Are So Special

Why Mothers are so special...

When I came home in the rain,

Brother asked, "Why didn't you take an umbrella?"

Sister advised, "Why didn't you wait till the rain stopped?"

Father angrily warned, "Only after getting cold, will you realize."

But Mother, while drying my hair, said, "Stupid rain! Couldn't it wait, till my child came home?"


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